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Apr 23, 2008 12:52 PM

Sloppy mayo knife/hard butter? Try this

If you don't have a special mayo spreader ("mayoknife") and are tired of mayo on the knife/spatula handle, try getting the mayo out of the jar on the BACK of a soup spoon or ice tea spoon, then spread it on the bread with the back of the spoon. Much less chance of getting mayo on your hand. If butter is too cold to spread without tearing your bread or muffin, don't use a knife. Hold a spoon, with the back facing you, at the far end of the stick, then scrape the edge toward you. It will peel off a thin curl of butter, which you can then spread on the bread, using the rounded back of the spoon to spread the butter without mangling the bread. The backwards spoon is also neat for jam and for spreading frosting if you don't have an offset spatula.

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  1. I use spoons all the time for this sort of thing, when I'm too lazy to go to the sideboard for a knife.

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      Me too. The bonus is that you can lick the spoon when you're finished and nobody will berate you for lacking manners.

    2. I, sadly ;-) have gone so far as so amass great numbers of large spoons (soup/table/serving) for just this sort of usage. Works great.

      Here's another: When making grilled or pressed sandwiches, I use olive oil for the sandwich's outside be-fatting. So I don't get too much, I pour the oil into a large spoon, then slowly work the spoon around (drizzling) the surface of the sandwich. The bottom of the rounded bowl of the spoon works great for speading the oil evenly, without flooding the sandwich with what's in the bowl of the spoon. Portion control and efficiency.