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Apr 23, 2008 12:40 PM

San Diego for the U.S. Open


For me nothing is better than a golf trip where I can get great food so I need help since this is my first trip to San Diego. I need some ideas from the crowd out there where I should be trying to get to in June. I am staying at the Hotel Circle North areal (no idea where that is yet) so as a base from there I'm open for anything. Love a great steak house and always ready for seafood. Love Thai, sushi, Italian, I should say just about anything that is great and of local flavor. Yes the Open isn't until June but it's never too early to plan the food side of a trip!!!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hey JR..
    I live here and I can't wait till the US Open..I am a huge Freddie Couples fan..
    Anway, you are staying in a great central area..Hotel Circle is about 15 minutes to Torrey Pines and downtown is about 10 minutes..
    I dont' eat steak but DH does and he enjoys Donovan's in me its pricey but he enjoys it along with Ruth Chris..
    Cafe Japengo at the Hyatt LJ has some great sushi but for the real deal, Sushi Ota in PB is one of the best ever!
    Italian, Baci's is always good and that is in the Mission Bay/Morena area..
    Seafood..Oceanaire downtown SD, George's Ocean Terrace, Crab Catcher and Market
    Thai..I like Spice and Rice in LJ is going to be so busy and crazy that I would avoid the's too bad since there are some great restaurants.
    It's not to early to make reservations since the better restaurants are already booked up..
    You will see lots of the pro golfers dining in downtown LJ..
    I'm sure you will get some great advice from all the Chowhounds!

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      Thanks for the info and I will start making reservations this weekend.

      1. re: jr7732

        Let us know how that goes, jr7732. As a local in the La Jolla - UTC area (despite my board name), I'm pretty much hiding away that week, save for Thursday when I have tickets to the US Open. Still, I think that the restaurants will be nuts (especially anything in the La Jolla / Del Mar area), and I'm wondering if they are shutting off reservations (except for select golfers) at some of the better places.

    2. someone else requested eats for the US Open last a search for La Jolla, Hillcrest, Mission Valley (although this is crowned as Dante's Circle of Hell for Chowhounds), Pacific Beach, Old Town and Gaslamp/downtown. Hotel Circle North is in/near Mission Valley, south of La Jolla and Pacific Beach and close to Old Town, Hillcrest and Gaslamp Quarter.

      1. I would definitely suggest making reservations at AR Valentien for lunch or dinner. If you sit on the terrace it looks over the golf course. Also I don't know when you will be getting in but if you are there the day before it starts I would get reso for dinner. Come early and have drinks in the lounge. You will most likey see some of the golfers. Make sure you make reservations though. They won't let you in unless you have one. For steaks I would go to donovan's in la jolla. If you like sushi I would go to Zenbu on Fay St. in downtown La Jolla or Sushi Ota in Pacific Beach.