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Apr 23, 2008 12:05 PM

Best Apple Fritter? Farewell Edelweiss?

Since Edelweiss bakery in Baltimore closed a few months ago, I will never have a chance to taste that amazing apple fritter. It truely could have a been a gem better than Feidly's crab cakes in Baltimore. It was that good!

Anyone know another place that has an apple fritter that could measure up to Edelweiss's standard? I am willing to drive a little too.

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  1. I am bumping this because I am jonesing for a amazing apple fritter.

    1. Hi. I don't know where you are located but King's Donuts in Kensington makes terrific apple fritters. It's where Veirs Mill Road meets Conn. Ave.

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      1. re: DCDeb

        You mean University Blvd. right?

        1. re: foodslut

          Duh. You are right. Sorry folks.

      2. I am still looking for a great apple fritter in the Maryland area. Or even Edelweiss's recipe.