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Apr 23, 2008 11:49 AM

MSP - Nye's special event menu. Recs?

I'm holding a special event at Nye's and want to offer my guests 3 different entree choices from their Special Event Menu. I live out of town so can't go taste them. Any recommendations? Here is a shortlist of items we're considering:

BBQ Ribs & Chicken
BBQ Pork spare ribs
Nye's style pork chops
Kluski pasta w/ chicken
Walleye Pike
Roasted prime ribs of beef
Beef tenderloin
Ribeye steak
Polish sampler
Spare ribs w/ saurkraut


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  1. oh dear. i don't think much of the food at nye's, although there's plenty of it. if i had to comment, i'd steer away from the so-called bbq. the polish selections should be better. i have heard that many prime rib lovers enjoy nye's prime rib. nye's is not exactly an establishment for small appetites, teetotalers, or music aficionados-- but it can be a scream to go there and put back a half dozen jumbo martinis and dance your butt off to the world's most dangerous polka band at your cousin's birthday party. you can always ask your octogenarian waitress to take all of your pictures in the sparkly booths-- good times. hope your event goes well-- but why nye's?

    1. I've been at a Nye's special event, and I can speak from the peanut gallery in saying that if you have the option, try for the pierogi platters. First thing to go, fondest thing remembered. I've been remembering for about a decade, so check with Nye's on availability. Still, wonderful. The rest, just so-so. (Unless you like dumplings bigger than your head.)


      1. I've been to a few 'special events' at Nye's. The food is just not good. If you're in the 'party room' in the basement, you also won't get much of the legendarily kitschy ambience, either.

        1. Can you get take-out from Kramarczuk's across the street? Their food is much better.

          Alternate plan: Load up the guests with lots of booze, and they won't care about the food. Sorry I can't recommend anything better - I hate the food at Nye's.


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          1. re: AnneInMpls

            We held a small post wedding local friends reception at Nye's and concur with all the postings that the food there isn't very good. We basically picked it because parking is reasonably easy, it's a comfortable environment for a variety of people, and there was no extra charge for the party room.

            We ordered a variety of appetizers and people absolutely pigged out (I think we ended up receiving 3x the amount of food that we had originally ordered because we kept running out). This might be due to the open bar more so than the food quality though.

            1. re: katebauer

              These are basically the same reasons why we are holding a small party there. I know the food is not great -- just looking for 3 things that are passable.

          2. Polish Sampler, ribs with kraut and walleye.