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Apr 23, 2008 11:29 AM

Best NYC "steals"

I'm going to be in NY for about 1 wk and am looking for the best deals in town (e.g. prix fixes, reasonable prices for amazing food, anything ppl think is a great deal for food). I know it might be overkill to ask but I wanted to get a thread going that sort of compiles the billions of "best of" threads into one question.

Suggestions for the best amazing most delicious goodness eateries Manhattan has to offer. Preferably not in the upper west (it's out of the way for me). Price range: $0-$90/pp

Btw, what is the thing going on at The Met in the evenings all about? Is it just a restaurant that opens on the roof?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. My favorite bargain prix fixes are the lunch at Perry St. and dinner at Compass. Many consider the prix fixe dinner at Vice Versa a good deal, though I always find the a la carte menu more appealing. Lunch at Jean-Georges would qualify too, though I have not been there for lunch.

      1. I actually think that Payard's tasting menu is a great deal, as is Dovetail's if you go on Sunday evening (UWS).

        1. Sunday evening deals:

          Best prix fix lunches:

          Best prix fixe menus:

          New and cheap:

          Best under $25 near Rock center:

          Top 5 for $25:

          Cheap weeknight eats for one:

          In addition to that list, if you are looking for the best foodie experiences for < $90pp (not including wine) I would research Momofuku Ko ($85 tasting menu), Momofuku Ssam Bar, Degustation, WD-50 dessert tasting menu, Babbo (surprisingly good value), Del Posto Enoteca's four course menu ($45 I think for four courses), Eleven Madison Park (3 course prix fix dinner for $82)...there are a lot of restaurants in that price range that provide good value for price.

          See also: visiting and eating in NYC for 1 wk, not more than $100pp:

          The rooftop bar on the top of the Met is just that. A rooftop bar. (I assume you mean the Metropolitan Museum of Art and NOT the opera) There are some snacks available but it is not a full restaurant. There is very little seating. And it gets HOT in the summer! It's a pleasant place to have a drink, but the drinks are by no means outstanding, it's the atmosphere.

          1. At the Met, the only thing I'm aware of on the roof is the bar, which serves expensive cocktails, lousy wine, interesting art and an incredible view. But would be interested to know if they are serving food now as well.

            Edit - sorry - just saw kathryn's comments on the Met.