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Apr 23, 2008 10:58 AM

Lunch at the Eastern Market tomorrow (Detroit, MI)

I'm meeting a friend for lunch at the Eastern Market tomorrow and I need a restaurant recommendation - ethnic is great, nothing too expensive.

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  1. Oh, man, the Roma is great. Lunch is the perfect time to go--you get the tuxedoed waiters, the whole spiel, all the great dishes, but it's cheaper. I recommend the hay and straw pasta.

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    1. re: Jim M

      i had lunch there yesterday and it was great. i get their paglia e fieno half the time i go and sprinkle in a mix of veal parmigiana, totellini, or half spaghetti and half ravioli the rest of the time. yesterday, however, i went off the special board and had a great dish i have never seen before - sauteed scallops and shrimp over sauteed spinach. it was very good. of course, our table started off with a roma salad, side of anchovies for me.

      chris osgood was in the very back room along with zetterburg, jimmy howard, and a couple other players for a pregame meal. must have worked because the wings looked good yesterday.

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      1. I would drive the few extra minutes over to Michigan Ave to go to Slows BBQ. I love it there for lunch. Either that or zip over to Greek town. Both are pretty darn close.

        1. I ducked in Eastern Market last Saturday after a shopping trip to Henry The Hatter with HS #3. I wanted to have him experience Meatcutters for a burger and brew. Does anyone know if this place went out of business? It was locked tight at 1 PM.

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            We were there today about 3:30 PM and the burgers were great as always. I didn't check their hours but you can bet with the game downtown tonight they'll be busy!

          2. Get thee to the Gratiot Central Market , across the freeway . Just cross the pedestrian bridge over the freeway ( an adventure in itself sometimes ) , go past Ronnie's Meats , past the Wigleys corned beef stand all the way to where the only way you can go is left . Pass the produce stand and go left again . At the very end of the hall is the ham sandwich place on the left . Get one of those hand carved beauties , too . But the person you want to see is Juanita , she has a little soul food stand to the right and back a little from the ham place . Dear lord , the BEST soul food I have ever tasted . Corned beef and cabbage , spicy greens , "oxtail" soup ( with neckbones ) , mac and cheese , sometimes curry lamb stew and tons more sides . Strictly styrofoam and plastic forks and fend for yourself seating , but my , oh my that woman can cook some mean food . I never thought anything could break my Saturday brunch pho addiction , but she did it .

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              now that's my kinda chow report! you're killing me with this.