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Apr 23, 2008 10:51 AM

KC -- Dinner after 10pm

What are some good recommendations for a later weekend dinner? One of my girlfriends if flying in from Denver on Friday night, but she doesn't get in until 9:30. I'm looking for somewhere with good food and drinks plus a nice atmosphere. I'd like to keep it moderately priced, nothing too expensive. I'm thinking we are going to go to the P&L on Saturday night so probably someplace other than there, however, recommendations are welcome for a nice Saturday evening dinner as well. My first thought for a late bite and drinks on Friday was La Bodega, but she's not a huge tapas fan and it can get spendy pretty quickly. I live in the Mission area so places between the airport, Mission, and other areas in the center of town would be best.


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  1. Pot Pie In westport. Harry's bar & tables has late night food ($10 to $20) Room 39 does a late night under $20. Pizza bella in the crossroads. Blue Stem has a great bar menu. everything under $16 and probably the best atmosphere. Or you could go to kona on the plaza.

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      I believe Room 39's late night is only on Tuesday and Thursday.

    2. Nara does food pretty late and they'll do reservations. Bulldog might as well, and they typically have live music on the weekends.

      1. This may be a little out of date, but some good ideas

        1. La Bodega and McCoy's I believe stay open late.