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Apr 23, 2008 10:46 AM

MSP - La Chaya Bistro?

Has anyone been to the new La Chaya Bistro @ 46th & Nicollet yet? There was a 2 hour wait on Saturday, so I'm hoping someone has!

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  1. I went their with the fam last week on an early weekday evening and will not be rushing back. They had a pretty limited menu and we wanted something fast so we ordered a couple of their pizzas and a kids chicken plate. I was envious of my daughter. Her chicken was well grilled with very good mashed potatos and a few spears of grilled asparagus. The pizzas were totally forgetable. The dough was more bready than crusty and the ingredients were pretty mediocre ( for example the prosciutto on my pizza was kind of sinewy, like the cheap prosciutto from Costco). Two Pizzas, a kids dinner and 2 beers and it was nearly $50 after tip.

    On the bright side they should get an award for recycling an old KFC next to a gas station. The place looks great.

    I am leaving the neighborhood soon and I will be sticking to El Rey d'oro (or hwatever it's called now) Ena and Victor's if I need a little latin flavor in the neighborhood.

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      oh that's too bad. the buildout looks really nice. maybe there's a chance the kinks will work out?