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Apr 23, 2008 10:38 AM

Suggestions for girls' night out

Does anyone have a suggestion for a happening spot for girls' night out? Looking to mingle/sit at the bar, have a few drinks and something to eat. Some of us are single, some attached. Downtown to northeast preferred. Open to all cuisine, seafood would be a bonus. Went to the Keg on York St. last week, nice crowd but looking for better food.

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  1. If you liked the Keg, esp. the crowd, try Ki. Food is better (although not cheap). Irish Embassy is usually happening - the food is predictably pub style, but done fairly well. Avoid the Irish Embassy if men dressed in suits discussing playoff hockey and investments isn't your style. In fact, avoid downtown on a weeknight if that's the case.

    1. It really depends on what you define as "happening". If you're looking to sit at a bar and eat great seafood, Starfish or Chiado would be good choices. If you're looking to mingle with other singles and eat seafood, Ki would be perfect for that. It's sushi is far from the best in town, but it may offer the environment you're looking for.

      1. Which night are you having your girls' night out? It could make a difference in which places are more "happening".

        Pravda on Wellington E. Nice setting, although it's very busy on Thursdays after work, so get there early if you want to have a seat. It's more "happening" than Ki or the Keg right now. Mostly 30something suit crowd. $5.90 martinis & complimentary appetizers from 5-7, Monday- Friday. I didn't see any complimentary appetizers last time I was there- but I wasn't looking for them. Also, I don't like fighting a crowd for freebies- but maybe that's just me;)

        Pravda has gravlax, herring, caviar, etc. on the menu, so there's no shortage of seafood, if you like it cured, smoked or pickled.

        I like the Drake, too. Nice patio.

        Second Goog's suggestion of Starfish. Rodney's is also a fun place for a girls' night out, and there's a bunch of lounges/bars/clubs nearby for drinks afterwards.

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          Have been to Ki, we'd like to try something new and it doesn't necessarily have to be seafood. We usually don't arrive until 8-8:30 ish.

          Thanks for all the suggestions so far.

        2. I am loving Nyood these days -- out of direct financial district area, so fewer suits, bus still downtown-ish. Great tapas style menu and I have been there Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat evenings - very happening place

          Starfish has great seafood, but not as "happening"

          Ki - sushi is ok, but the place is overpriced. Also, on a Thursday night, it is packed - so, if you want a seat at the bar, you'll need to get there by 5pm. If you don't get there by 7, there is a line up behind a red velvet rope

          Jamie Kennedy is great for a girls night out, but it's not really a "scene" - good food, wine and conversation

          1. single/attached, it's all the same. you want good martinis, good music (girls love to dance) and a nice place for food with a great dessert menu.

            *insomnia - martinis and crab cakes, then go to future bakery after for a nice piece of cake, then go dance to the brit pop at lee's

            *tabule - a nice starting point for a girls night out

            *mezzetta - cheap, lot's of food to share (seafood too), and a fun vibe

            *five doors north - i like the vibe in there, and the food is always great, the crowd is fun too.

            *laide - never had the food, but for a night of martinis and deviance, i would go there.

            hey, i'm a guy so take this with a grain of salt, but i know all about the girls night's out.

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              agree with insomnia, tabule and mezzetta are bit more sit-down-food oriented...