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Apr 23, 2008 10:20 AM

Engagement Celebration Dinner (Sauga, Oakville, Burlington Area Recs)

Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to this and looking for your help on some recommendations for a restaurant in the west-end GTA-Sauga/Oakville/Burlington area (I live dtown Toronto so not too familiar with the area yet). Ideally we'd love a private room that can accomodate 30-50 ppl comfortably for a sit-down meal, cuisine isn't really an issue, as long as its good quality and tasty! We have ppl driving from all over so easy parking would be great and also, a place that can do a fri or sat evening. Any recommendations would be very helpful! Thanks.

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  1. The Waterside Inn Breakwater Restaurant in Port Credit could work...excellent Chef...elegant waterside them and see...also has lots of Parking in Lot at the back...was there for special celebration...was impressed....Miranda

    1. I would go with Jonathan's Of Oakville:

      The room's are nice, the service exceptional and the food is excellent.

      I have had and been to a number of functions there and they all were well done. It is the "go to" place in Oakville for special events.