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Apr 23, 2008 10:20 AM

help cooking grass fed beef

i bought a standing rib roast from a locally raised grass fed beef. now i am wondering how to properly cook it. the reason that i am hesitant to commit to cooking this piece of meat is that i have already grilled a steak from this animal and we found it very chewy, hard to slice and were disappointed at the lack of juiciness. we had hoped to get a succulent flavorful piece and instead found it lacking in most of the aspects we desire in a steak. so rather than do up the standing rib roast i will put it to you chowhounds to help me make the most of this piece of meat.
i know you can help me to enjoy this locally raised meat.

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  1. shannon hayes' book, "the grassfet gourmet" is a great cookbook and reference for preparing pastured meats. she also wrote another, smaller one, that's completely about grilling, "the farmer and the grill". i haven't finished it yet. can you get your hands on a copy of either of these?

    1. What cut was the steak, and how'd you cook it? I usually go pretty rare, and make sure to let the meat rest for while so the juices can distribute back. But it is a leaner meat - hard to compete with some corn-fed steer in that regard..

      1. We use grass fed beef (when we can afford it) and don't much adjust our cooking style so much as we adjust our expectations. It is very good but not like grain fed beef. The fatty tenderness of grain fed is not there in grass fed. The flavor is better with grass fed (in our opinion) and we appreciate the health benefits we get from grass feeding. If you want the meat to be juicier/tenderer than you might want to treat it as if it were a different cut - braise it, marinate it etc.

        1. You might to check out the Alderspring Ranch web site:

          1. I agree, rare or braised for grass fed beef. Cooked well done it can be pretty dry.