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Apr 23, 2008 10:14 AM

Jardin des Plantes

In early June, I am accompanying my Mom to Paris for a week - we are staying near the Jardin des Plantes (nr. metro Place Monge) and are looking for good dinner options not too far from the hotel (though we have no objection to a short cab ride, or even the Metro). We're looking for French food mostly... Mid-range pricing.


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  1. Close good bistrots: Le Pré Verre, le Petit Pontoise, l'AOC, le RIbouldingue (for offal), Chez René, La rotisserie du Beaujolais. More upscale and even closer is La Truffière, quite good. You are also near the mosque which is a very charming place to have at least a thé à la menthe, since the food is only correct. They do have a hammam+couscous deal, though. In the rue Lacépède is also a place that does their own organic pasta, called le Jardin des Pates. Chef June also has a breakfast recommendation nearby, if I remember correctly. L'Avant Gout, rue Bobillot is also not so far, as are the Chinatown wonders.