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Apr 23, 2008 10:12 AM

Low Calorie Snacks

I am looking for some low calorie snack ideas for predinner snacking. I don't get home from work until 6:30 and my husband doesn't get home until 8. Plenty of time to make an awesome dinner, if I'm not so hungry that I just start eating anything I can get my hands on. Right now I have some Dolma in the fridge. I don't tend to like carrots and celery as snacks. Any other creative ideas of something I can snack on so I don't ruin my dinner? I'm not afraid of difficulty, foreign cuisines, or allergic to anything (the carrots and celery aversion is actually that I'm bored with them). Thanks in advance!

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  1. Malin, I feel your pain. Same thing used to happen to me. I usually wound up eating two dinners, one while waiting for my husband, and one with him. I have just lost 15 pounds and here are a couple of my favorite ways to fill me up so I can wait to eat dinner later:

    Snack on an apple and a bag of 100 calorie natural almonds (Diamond makes them), spearate or together. Fills you up.

    Not exactly a snack, but a cup (75 calories) or two of the following chili goes a long way to satisfy hunger:

    10 oz. extra-lean ground turkey breast
    1 medium onion, diced
    2 (28oz) cans diced tomatoes
    I bag (1lb.) frozen sliced aucchini
    1 (15oz.0 can black beans, rinsed and drained
    1 (32oz.) box of fat-free beef broth (or equivalent)
    4 celery stalks, diced
    2 green peppers, diced
    1 (1 1/4oz) package dry chili seasoning.

    Spray a large pan with Pam and set over medium-high heat. Add the turkey and onion and saute until browned, about 5 minutes.

    Transfer the mixture to a large soup pot, add the other ingredients. Bring to boil and simmer over medium heat until vegetables are tender, about 30 minutes. Brend lightly with a stick blender until it is chunky. (This recipe is adapted from one in the Jan. 2002 issue of Weight Watchers magazine.) If you freeze this in one or two cup quantities, you can pull some out every day and have a cup before dinner. Very filling.

    I also trained my husband to sometimes not expect me to eat dinner with him. I will sit at the table, converse and eat a salad, but not the main dish, since I already ate. Good luck!

    1. You don't mention HOW low the calories should be...but how about 1 apple? Or half an apple cut into slices with a dab of natural peanut butter? Also, almonds are very good--14 whole almonds would be about 85 calories (I buy lightly salted)...a glass of skim or 1% milk...a cup of yogurt. Spiced pecans might be nice, too, very easy to make and there are a million recipes for them. Edamame is excellent also to snack on.

      1. i find that snacking on brothy soups doesn't ruin my appetite for dinner and also doesn't cost me a lot of calories...some of my favorites are:

        egg flower soup
        hot & sour soup
        radish soup
        bean sprout soup
        pork and napa cabbage soup
        chicken and watercress soup

        1. I love the little individual Baby Bel light cheeses. They are 50 calories each. That with an apple would be about 130-150 calories as a pre-dinner snack to cut the hunger pangs. It'll prevent you from overeating too.

          Or, how about 1 cup of strawberries-50 calories.

          Take a can of black beans, rinse, drain, and then puree to make a dip. Add salsa, cilantro, red onion, a little lime juice, garlic. Eat 1/4 C. of it with crudite before dinner. If you don't like carrots, celery, how about different veggies to use as a dipper: endive leaves...fresh jicima, snap peas, red/yellow/orange peppers.

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            Yes! Recently discovered how good snap peas are dipped in hummus...brocolli (stalks, too...not just florets)and cauliflower are very good as a raw munchie, too!

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              Really any leftover cooked veggie can help with this. I like lightly steamed broccoli and almost anything grilled. Red/yellow/orange peppers are good raw, too.

              I also nuke a handful of edamame or have a piece of fruit. Plain yogurt w/ just a splash of maple syrup or brown sugar is also good.

          2. My latest snacks include:
            * Pickled cabbage (it's surprising how long a cup can hold me)
            * Chopped broccoli, cauliflower and carrots w/ or w/o hummus
            * Roasted chickpeas

            * Pumpkin yogurt (mix Greek yogurt w/ canned pumpkin, add pumpkin pie spices and the sweetener of your choice); alternatively, try mixing applesauce with yogurt, orange zest and Grand Marnier; eat w/ orange slices
            * Fruit
            * Weetabix biscuits w/ yogurt or fruit
            * Barbara's puffins

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              DH and I just went on a diet AGAIN. It's a good idea to plan your snacks and have them ready when your energy level is low and your hunger level high. When you have time you can roast a bunch of vegetables and keep them in the refrigerator for snacking. Make plain yogurt parfaits with blueberries and granola. Grape tomatoes are sweet and almost zero calories. Some high fiber low sugar cereals make a nice trail mix when you throw it together with some nuts and dried fruit. a glass of diet soda like Canfield's chocolate fudge mixed with milk is filling and tastes like a dessert.
              Good luck and kudos on realizing the potential for disaster:)

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                Your suggestion of pickled cabbage reminded me of the pickled beets (Aunt Nellie's brand) we've been enjoying lately...1 serving of 2 pickled beets is 20 calories according to the nutrition label on the jar!

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                  Puffins, nothing better. good luck opening a box of the honey rice for me and not finishing the freaking thing though. defeats the purpose. oh well.