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Apr 23, 2008 10:08 AM

Any Cheap Chinese-style Crab deals?

I know every so often various chinese restaurants will have a crab deal...like New Capital in Rowland Heights usually has a good crab deal...but was wondering if any of you out there has recently seen any other cheap crab deals?

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  1. Seafood Village in Walnut (or is it Rowland Heights or Industry? On Nogales) has house-style crab usually for $7-$9 a pound.

      1. I was standing outside Ocean Seafood the other day talking with some people and noticed a couple big signs advertising $7.99 crab special in front of JR Seafood in Chinatown.

        750 N Hill St
        Los Angeles, CA 90012
        (213) 620-0838

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          Did you happen to notice if it was $7.99 a pound? I noticed that at some restaurants that advertise seafood specials the same way. Surprise, surprise when the bill came!

          1. re: Clinton

            That's a favorite tactic of Hop Li.

            1. re: Clinton

              No...did not say by the pound even in small print. Couple big signs, you can't miss them. For all we know it might be a Maryland blue crab.

              Like at May Flower....there's a sign outside advertising House Special Lobster $9.99....but its been $12.99 for a couple years now. They know they can cover the old sign outside, but they don't.

            2. re: monku

              JR Seafood has had this special for a while, and they have deals for peking duck and lobster as well...can't beat the prices but the food is only ok...it was 7.99 for the crab but after eatting it...i realized that i would pay more for better tasting crab and peking duck...if i were craving crab (which i am) i woudn't go there...but if i just happened to be eatting there...i still order the crab and peking duck because is sooooo cheap

              1. re: geetergrim

                My guess is that in order to offer such a good price on that special, the crab or lobster had to be "dead" or pre-frozen rather than live. There is a tremendous difference in taste and texture using the latter...and cheaper too.

                1. re: geetergrim

                  You got to try their crab? I went 3 separate times to pig out on their crab special but each time was told "all sold out." So I thought maybe they never have it. I end up having their fire pot instead which I like a lot.

                  1. re: poggibonzzi

                    yep...the couple of times I went, it was during lunch or really early dinner...i'd guess by regular dinner time they'd probably out

              2. I think Seafood Village in Temple City was $6 a pound the last time I went.

                Top Island on Valley Blvd. in Alhambra has a special on live Alaskan king crab for $6 a pound. These things run around 10 pounds. Very good deal, but service is bad and quality is declining.

                1. Macau Street has a deep fried crab with garlic for about $9. Last time we were there a few months ago there was an advertsied special (only in Chinese) that if you order over a certain amount (I think $30) you get a free chicken.

                  Mr Taster