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Apr 23, 2008 09:59 AM

Sports bars (semi-chowish question) with lots of screens

Need to see the Sixers playoff game tonight, and the Celtics are on at the same time. Ouch. Tough night to live in Boston.

Looking for -

1. Sports bar with lots of TVs, increasing liklihood of a non-Celts game getting shown, at all
2. Good selection of brews and food


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  1. Try Champions on Huntington Ave (street level of the Marriott at Copley), or Coolidge Corner Clubhouse in, you guessed it, Coolidge Corner section of Brookline.

    I've never had any solid food at Champions but it's a popular place, with lots of TVs. CCC has decent food (for what it is!), a decent beer selection and lots of TVs per square foot. When in doubt, call ahead but I'm almost certain that both are Satellite TV places.

    The Sports Depot in Allston is huge, but I personally don't care for the food there. Some people go to Good Times Emporium for the projection TVs, but it's a glorified game room and the beer selection kinda stinks.

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    1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

      The food at Champions is terrible. Tough night to hit a sports bar because there is a game at Fenway tonight as well as a game at the Garden so you probably want to avoid those areas. My suggestion would be the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse but I would call ahead to make sure they will be showing the 76ers game and also get there early because it is not a large bar. If you can't get in there, you could always go down the street to the Sports Depot although the food there is typical bar food or worse.

      1. re: Gordough

        We go to a dozen-or-so Sox games each season, park in the Hancock garage, and have developed a "ritual" of stopping by Champions on the way back to the car. The service is friendly and they have a taco salad that is actually quite refereshing. Haven't tried anything else on the menu. There aren't many other options on this particular route (i.e., Fenway > Hancock), so suggestions are welcomed. The places adjacent to Fenway itself are always packed near the end and after games.

        1. re: terrycatch

          It's something of a myth that places around Fenway are packed after games. Yes, the bar areas are crowded and may be tough to get in, but if you want to sit down at a table and eat, there's often no wait. I've done this many times at BeerWorks, Game On, Audubon Circle, Unos, Bertuccis, La Verdad, and others.

          Too late now for the OP, but Coolidge Corner Clubhouse always seems to have the greatest diversity of games on TV.

          1. re: jpsox

            But you do still have to deal with the after-game clientele which is not always a good thing (especially if the Yankees are in town). :)

            1. re: jpsox

              Not too late if they read my post form the same day! ;)
              I used to be a regular at CCC on Sundays during NFL seasons, when I lived in the area. They had *every* game.

        2. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

          About 5 or 6 years ago I was refused a 6th beer at the coolidge corner clubhouse by a guy claiming the owner or manager has a 'no more than 5 beers' policy, regardless of behaviour. I was quietly watching a Sox game and was baffled by this news and have never been back. Anyone familiar with this?

          1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

            I can't recommend the food at Sports Depot at all. It's pretty darn bad from my experiences, even by bar standards. Stale bread on sandwiches, the fries aren't good (they are soft and taste a little weird), and I had one salad experience I'd just rather never happened at all. Ugh.

            1. re: wontonton

              Yeah that's how I recall it. However if you sit in the tables nearest the Pike you get periodically jarred by the tremor caused by passing trains, so it takes your mind off the food.

          2. A little out of the way for a lot of folks, but I like the Thirsty Scholar for these purposes. The food's not excellent but its better than a lot of the local sports bars IMO and its pretty hard to not be in good sight lines of at least a few screens.

            1. Grand Canale on Canale St. near North station, pretty good food decent amount of TV's

              1. Tavern in the Square in Porter Sq. has a lot of tv's and a very good beer selection and I would argue that the food is better than some of the other places listed. Good luck in your quest.

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                1. re: mats77

                  Is it better than the one in Central? I'd very much *not* recommend the one in Central, in fact we started going to the Scholar partially due to how sucktastic the Tavern was there.

                  1. re: jgg13

                    I have only been to the one in Central for drinks on two brief occasions and thought it was okay. I find the staff at Porter to be friendlier and a friend commented on their beer selection which I initially missed as I tend to drink crappy beer.

                    1. re: mats77

                      I'm not really a fan of the Central Tavern in any shape/way/form (although I don't actively dislike it - it just strikes me as a very schizophrenic bar that doesn't know what crowd it is trying to cater to, and ends up being barely mediocre to everyone), but I was talking specifically about going there to watch a game.

                      There are a lot of screens there, but every time I've tried to watch a game there, I've been very disappointed. The sight lines are generally pretty bad (unless you luck out w/ specific seats), a lot of the screens aren't actually in HD (they're just stretched out, which is even worse), and while they do (usually) have the game sound on (a big plus) the acoustics of the room are such that you can't hear anything anyways.

                    2. re: jgg13

                      The Porter one has a good beer selection and better-than-bad bar food. No chow appeal here, but the TVs are plentiful and good looking. I was there last night, and they were showing Sox and Celts only.

                  2. The Stadium in Southie might fit the bill.

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                    1. re: Niblet

                      Yeah, Stadium is Southie has a ton of TVs and the food isn't half bad either.

                      1. re: Niblet

                        This was my immediate thought.