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Apr 23, 2008 09:51 AM

Capital Grill or Caucus Room?

Making reservations for dinner, and cannot decide which of these two would be best.
I've read pros and cons for each. So, hounders, help me out! Let me know what you think.

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  1. If those are your choices, Capital Grill. It's much more old-school DC - and looks it. Caucus Room is just so ho-hum boring. It's for expensive, inoffensive meals on expense accounts, nothing special.

    1. I've had dinner a couple of times at the Caucus Room and several times at Capitol Grill. Based on these experiences, I'll have dinner at Capitol Grill many, many times more. The service is far and away better than what I've experienced at Caucus Room. I'd even say the food has been better, and we're talking about two steak houses with virtually identical meals. The one thing I will say about Caucus Room is it has a better bar. The set up is much nicer than Capitol Grill's, though Capitol Grill's does look out onto Pennsylvania Ave. And should you consider Charlie Palmer's, don't. The food and serivce is so so. Of the three big steak restaurants on Capitol Hill, Capitol Grill is easly the best of the bunch.

      1. One of the worse meals I've ever had in DC was at Capital Grill. My steak was beyond overdone and I ordered it pink!