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Apr 23, 2008 09:51 AM

Raw Peanuts

Anyone know where raw peanuts can be found? I need them to make a peanut sauce for sesame noodles (dan dan noodles). I used to be able to get them at the River Street Whole Foods in Cambridge but they mysteriously disappeared from the shelves a few months ago and have not reappeared, even after assurances that they would be reordered.

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  1. shelled blanched peanuts are available at Super 88 and other chinese groceries and Trader Joe's. if you want peanuts in the shell, you can get some at Walmart Superstores ( albeit, dry so you may have to rehydrate) or again the chinese groceries

    1. Superior Nut company on McGrath Highway in Cambridge has many different kinds of raw nuts.

      1. Peanuts are getting hard to find. The Southeast is in a very severe drought, and the peanut crops have suffered greatly. Can't find peanut oil these days either. Give the Superior Nut Company a call and see if they have any in stock.

        1. Super 88 has them both with and without shells. We buy the former as treats for our parrot.

          Yes, she also likes crackers.

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            i have an old eye patch and fake peg leg, ya know, if you need them.

          2. I have seen them in one of the Indian grocery stores on Main Street in Waltham- I believe it was Patel Brothers.