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Apr 23, 2008 09:46 AM

Where to take/impress in Brooklyn within reason

Where can I take someone special in Brooklyn (bars or restaurants) this weekend? I am open to any and all genres. I would like to keep the price under $30 for main entree. Anything unique, cozy, etc.

I'm gonna hit The Black Pearl for brunch so far


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  1. I love Little D Eatery in South Slope for nice dates. (When my boyfriend took me there, I was impressed)
    It has a really chill, cozy vibe and impressive yet unpretentious food. The menu is described as Mezze inspired American food.
    I sampled several small plates and my favorite was the Sautéed Baby Octopus tossed with navy beans, Turkish olives and Anaheim peppers. My boyfriend had the Duck Leg Confit with sautéed escarole and bacon, salt cured foie gras and it was every bit as heavenly as it sounds.


    1. Henry's End in Brooklyn Heights has very good food in a casual, bustling (and kind of charming setting). Convivium on 5th Avenue in the Slope has very good Mediterranean food, and the atmosphere, particularly if you sit downstairs in the wine cellar is truly unique--all dark wood and candles and very charming.

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        Lucali's. Great ambiance, amazing pizza, very romantic, and cheap (BYOB)

      2. Hmmm how about dinner at Hibino (sushi, cooked Japanese entrees), its just off Atlantic on Henry I think it is. And then drinks at Deity, further up Atlantic, maybe 5 blocks east.

        Or in Carroll Gardens, you could go for a meal at Po and then drinks at Black Mountain.

        1. How 'bout Applewood? I love that place. Super cozy. Not fancy. Entrees in the mid to high 20's. Local, organic. Nice wine list. Relaxed atmosphere.

          1. Sugar Cane on Flatbush is an upscale (well dressed) Caribbean bar/restaurant.

            Pit Stop on Columbia(I think) is a nice French with Garden (if it is nice out), very kid friendly (Trikes).

            Search on Russian, perhaps on the Coney Island Boardwalk.

            Brooklyn Museum and Botanical garden has a cafe

            I liked this place (Pak-Chinese-Italian(for the Pakistani kids) last I was there):
            Paradise East Cuisine
            1223 Coney Island Avenue,
            Brooklyn, NY 11230