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Apr 23, 2008 09:33 AM

Denver - Good spots in/near Congress Park?

My husband and I are moving to Denver next month and looking for a rental and I want to make sure we end up in a decent foodie neighborhood. We've been looking at Congress Park, near Univ. of Colorado Hospital. Can anyone comment on neighborhood joints, coffee shops, etc. in the vicinity?


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  1. I live in Congress Park and love it! (Although I thought that University of Colorado Hospital moved to Fitzsimmons permanently about 6 months ago (Rose and the VA Hospital are still in the same complex though)).

    We only have two restaurants actually in the neighborhood: Chef Zorba's, which does decent breakfast, and Shells 'n' Sauce, a newer place which despite its god awful name is supposed to be pretty good.

    There are two coffee shops in the neighborhood: a branch of Dazbog coffee on the West end of 12th Avenue and Under the Umbrella on the East end of 12th. Dazbog is a local chain, which has pretty good coffee, and their patio is great in the summertime. Under the Umbrella has good coffees and pastries. They also make nice lunch sandwiches, but can be ungodly slow with the sandwiches. They do lots of neighborhood things like a sidewalk jazz concert the other night, and a neighborhood rock-paper-scissors tournament last summer (I am not joking).

    Next to Under the Umbrella is the Daily Scoop, the neighborhood ice cream/custard shop. The have chocolate and vanilla every day, and a rotating flavor of the day. I pick up their monthly calendar every month, and make sure to swing by when black raspberry is the day's flavor. (on the other side of Under the Umbrella is Berenice's, a salon which regularly has Denver's best women's hair stylist and best brow shaper, as an fyi)

    There are also a lot of food destinations that border Congress Park, and are walking distance, depending on where you are living. We are just north of Cherry Creek North, and in good weather, the multitude of restaurants are within walking distance. Annie's serves wonderful breakfast, and is just at 8th and Colorado (directly south of the hospital complex). And the stretch of Colfax that borders us to the North has become very vibrant (one of the best examples of the revitalization of Colfax). There are a number of places worth eating at along there: Cafe Star, Mezcal, Encore, Steve's Snappin' Dogs, Tommy's Thai. I also really want to try Bastien's for the blast to the past aspect. There are also several great bars along Colfax as well.

    What we lack in the neighborhood is a decent wine store, although the Pharmacy/Liquor Store (again, not joking) at 12th and Madison can work in a pinch if you don't set your sights too high.

    1. To add to Megiac's list, Potager is in the area - serving lots of fresh, seasonal stuff in a great atmosphere. A bit on the pricey side, but good for once in awhile.

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        Potager is Capital Hill, which, while not quite walking distance, does provide a number of great options, including Table 6, Fruition, and Liks Ice Cream.

        Also: The Rocky reports today that Annie's Cafe is moving to the Goodfriends space on Colfax in June (it will still border Congress Park, but on the North instead of the East).

      2. We live in Hill Top on the other side of Colorado Blvd. Try Annie's Cafe on 8th Ave. at Colorado for good breakfasts. Any of Pete's restaurants on E. Colfax are terrific for breakfast, lunch or dinner, i.e., Satire Lounge, Gyro Place, Pete's Kitchen.
        Do try Bastien's on E. Colfax. Very tasty food-steaks, seafood, etc. I love their peach pie with a brown sugar butter sauce served on a sizzling skillet with vanilla ice cream for dessert.
        Welcome to Denver.

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          Oh, man, I'd been wondering about Bastien's. Great tip, Pampatz!