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Apr 23, 2008 09:10 AM

Vancouver, Close to Coal Harbor

I will be making a trip to Vancouver and staying at a condo near Coal Harbor on Jervis St. I will be entertaining a client one night and would like to know a great place that we could walk to for dinner. Nothing extravagant like West - but something good. Didn't know if Stanley Park Fish House is walkable from there. Any suggestion?

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  1. Robson and Denman St is izakaya central - If you are into Japanese food - I recommend Kingyo or Hapa Izakaya. If you prefer a more "businessy" supper with a safe menu - then Cardero's which is right in Coal Harbour.

    1. What kind of food are you looking for?
      Parkside would be a good option.

      1. THE MILL is very close walking distance from where you will be. It is also casual, with decent bar style food-not formal. Good location on the Seawall with a superb view for people watching.

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          I went to the website for The Mill - and it looks really too casual for entertaining a client. Parkside, which was suggested by someone previously is too too - with a pre-fixe meal that doesn't sound fun. I would like something in-between - upscale, but not too.

            1. re: mbaskett

              It is pretty casual, true.
              There is also THE LIFT.

              Lift Bar Grill View
     - (604) 689-5438

              That being said, the food at PARKSIDE is superior. The atmosphere would be suitable for a dinner where you want to focus on the person you are dining with and discuss the business at hand.

          1. The Stanley Park Fish House would be walkable but it would probably take about 20 mins or so. There is a lovely restaurant called Tapastree on Robson & Denman.
            I also really like the Showcase restaurant at that Delta Pinnacle hotel. I know it's a hotel restaurant but the food is excellent and the setting might be appropriate for a client dinner.