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Apr 23, 2008 08:50 AM

Birmingham Corks and Chefs

For those who are relatively new to Birmingham (as well as the old-timers), there is a great event going on this weekend downtown that Hounds shouldn't miss.

It's Corks and Chefs, part of the Art in the Park event downtown in Linn Park. Corks and Chefs features chefs from 8-10 locally owned restaurants and local caterers, who serve samples of some mighty fine food (carnitas tamales from Cantina/Sol y Luna and a smoked duck and greens gumbo by The Veranda, to name a couple).

Local wine distributors also pour samples (which is where people tend to hang out) from their portfolios.

Some of the restaurants set up on Saturday and others on Sunday. A list of who is serving what and when is here:

It's a good chance to sample food from favorite restaurants and to make some new discoveries.

Check it out, browse the park and enjoy the art and graze your way through some of Birmingham's best food.

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  1. Anyone going to this? I might try to go Saturday.

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    1. re: Dax

      I think Saturday is the stronger lineup of chefs as well. I used to do a smoked duck gumbo for Christmas (a three-day affair to smoke duck, make stock then make the gumbo itself), and I hear Chef Robey is great. Hot and Hot is one of my favorites and those braised short ribs sound mighty good, too.

      But every time I taste the food of Clayton Sherrod and Joanetta Jarman, (both Sunday chefs) I always leave in rapture.

      That ceviche sounds good, too. Who was it looking for that the other week?

      1. re: Big Daddy

        I could not make it this weekend. Any reports?

        1. re: Dax

          No such luck for me, either. Among rain, keeping the kids and last-minute Peter Pan tickets, I ran out of time.

    2. Not 100% on point, but certainly related -- I just want everyone in town to know that there is a new Birmingham-oriented wine blog that started up a couple of weeks ago:

      Beverly Taylor, the author of the blog, has traveled extensively in the wine country of both the U.S. and Europe and has judged a number of wine competitions here and abroad as well.

      One of her objectives is to provide an up-to-date site where those who are interested can find out about local wine tastings, wine dinners, wine classes, etc. For example, she has a posting yesterday morning with information on Corks and Cleavers.

      It's well worth checking out.

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      1. re: iko.iko

        Beverly knows her stuff. But just as you shouldn't call me a foodie, please don't refer to her as a wine-y.