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Apr 23, 2008 08:46 AM

best fancy dinner restaurant in l.a.?

boss and friends are taking me out to a goodbye dinner... moving back to the bay area. any suggestions for best goodbye l.a. dinner? on the table is AOC, canele, or possibly the hungry cat... mozza doesn't need to be mentioned... fancy is good, but pretentious is not. fresh is a must, no specific cuisine neccesary.

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  1. The only restaurant in Los Angeles never to have had a negative review on the LA Chowhound board - ever: Urasawa in Beverly Hills.

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      thank you, servorg - now i know where my dream meal will be. :) i think it's a bit out of our price range for this phase of life, but you never know! thanks.

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        any opinions on nobu vs. matsuhisa for fancy japanese that's a bit more affordable?

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          I've never been to Nobu, but I really enjoyed omakase at Matsuhisa. While the food is "fancy," the atmosphere is not...the restaurant doesn't have much of a special occasion feel, and while you might see a celebrity there (we saw Tyra Banks there!), you will probably also see tourists in t-shirts and shorts. Personally, for a special dinner I would jump on the Providence bandwagon.

      1. I'm not sure if it has the same 100% CH rating as Urasawa but it's close, and it came out #1 in the CH Ultimate Restaurant poll for two years running, and #3 in its rookie year: Providence.

        2007 poll:
        2006 poll:
        2005 poll:

        And if Diana's recent review doesn't have your boss drooling on his keyboard, maybe you should take him to Fred 62 ;

        5955 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

        1. Melisse in Santa Monica has my vote.

          1. Hungry Cat isn't really a place for a sit-down dinner; it's really just a bar (albeit a very cool one with great drinks and food).

            I'd go somewhere that will really give you the star treatment -- Melisse, Ortolan, Providence maybe.

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              That's not true, you can certainly have a very pleasant sit down dinner at HC. That being said, it's much more casual than the others. I've seen all manner of tank tops, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts and flip flops at HC, and it totally fits the laid back vibe. But just because its laid back doesn't mean that the food isn't top notch, to say nothing of the cocktails.

              But HC certainly doesn't belong in the discussion if you're looking for an end-all fancy dinner. I'd also throw Grace into the discussion, and even All'Angelo.