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Apr 23, 2008 08:34 AM

Broadway Walk

In a couple of days some friends and I will be going on a hike from the top of Manhattan to the Battery. We will be on Broadway most of the way. Any suggestions for great food along the way? Any cuisine is good. Needs to be inexpensive (or reasonably so) and the type of place we can eat in in shorts and tee shirts. We are willing to walk a few blocks in either direction from Broadway if the food is good.

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  1. A slice at Sal and Carmine's - between 101/102

    1. When you get to 44th, head east one block along the south side.
      You will see a cart called "Quick Meal", probably with a line in front if during lunch and nice weather. Don't dispair, as it moves quick.
      Best lamb (platter or gyro) and grilled shrimp (same).
      Bring it to Bryant Park two blocks south and enjoy (don't forget the napkins).
      YUM !