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Apr 23, 2008 08:27 AM

Dinner in Vegas w/ Mom, need suggestions

Hi everyone, I'm a Boston-board girl...

Anyway, my mom and I are doing a girls weekend in Vegas. She is not a super adventurous eater, and doesn't entirely share my penchant for celebrity chefs (unless they have a show on Food Network, but I digress). I have Sunday/Monday sorta planned out and am willing to play daytime meals by ear, but I'm looking for a great "Mother's Day gift" type place for a Tuesday night, our last night there.

We're doing Mexican (still tbd) and Italian (Enoteca San Marco) on Sunday and Monday nights, respectively. Any thoughts on our Tuesday night? Something on the strip?

My mom is turned off by menu's with unfamiliar or exotic items (like octopus or pickled eggs or something, for example) and she is not a sushi fan, though is able to find things to eat at Asian restaurants as she likes the "cooked stuff". She's just not uber-adventurous.

Also, I'm in my 20's and would love to keep dinner for 2 under $150, tip included.

Let me know if you need more info - any help would be appreciated.

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  1. I took my mom for her birthday to Craft Steak and she loved it. ( I got lucky though it was restaurant week and there was a tasting menu that was a ridiculous bargain) .Its nothing too wierd and its just basically solid food cooked well. I felt the portions were big and have gone plenty of times since then and shared a steak and loaded up on the sides..with a glass or 2 of wine iwas well under 150

    1. She might enjoy a "location" restaurant. For instance, at Paris there is Mon Ami Gabi with terrace seating facing the Bellagio fountains and the Eiffel Tower Restaurant (more formal, more expensive) about 1/3 up the tower with great strip views. The food at both is very good, traditional fare; and both are within your budget.

      1. I also recommend Mon Ami Gabe, and the Eiffel Tower. If she likes Asian food try Benihana of Tokyo in the Hilton Hotel, the show from the Chefs and the food is great, and will fit into you budget nicely.

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          Mesa Grill at Caesars may fit the bill. Completely cooked food that is really well-prepared. Options for both the adventurous and parents of the adventurous. Excellent wine list and innovative cocktails. Best of all, the owner/chef is a celebrity chef who is also on the Food Network...Bobby Flay.

          Justjenn, I have never made it out of Craftsteak for less than $300 for myself and my wife. That could be a function of our ordering style, but $150 seems pretty bare bones at Craftsteak. I guess my absolute refusal to drink bad (house) wine wreaks havoc in my wallet.