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Apr 23, 2008 08:26 AM

Viceroy of India- recently remodeled-extremely delicious

To me, this is the place to go on Devon Avenue- While most lunch buffets are mediocre at best, this one rocks for $8.95. There were about 7 entree choices available, including several vegetarian options.

Here are the highlites!!

- Most delicious was the chicken tikka masala in a robust sauce, with tender chunks of chicken
-the spinach paneek paneer was so tasty, and perfect for soaking up with the naan they bring to the table
-there are 2 different rice options- a white basmati, and a delicious yellow rice with Indian spices
- they had 2 interesting options I hadn't seen before- a mushroom with pea dish and another dish of corn, green beans, okra, and carrots also nicely seasoned

They have a few fried appetizer options ie;pakora's that were the only disappointment in that they were bland- I also wish they would add samosa's....

The food is so good that you don't really need the sizzling platter of tandoori chicken that they bring to the table- However, this was the best I've had- I was by myself, and there was enough to feed 2- it was absolutely delicious

Alway's leave some room for their mango ice cream- the perfect soothing end to a great meal and also included with the buffet

I've tried them all along Devon, but this certainly IMHO ranks the best

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  1. Yep, I've always loved this place!!! It's my absolute favorite. I'm glad to hear about the remodeling!

    Also try the spiced potato & onion Masala Dosa , Chana Masala curried chick peas, and Saag Paneer creamed spinach. They have a second location on Roosevelt and Highland Avenue in Lombard although it's not quite as good as the original location on Devon. The Mothers Day Buffet (and pretty much any other holdiay buffet) is fantastic!!!

    1. I've been looking for other lunch buffets to try - thanks for the report!

      Just curious... Did they have desserts on the lunch buffet? More specifically, kheer and/or gulab jamun?

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      1. re: nsxtasy

        Yes, there were 3 dessert choices on the buffet including the mango ice cream- the others were a rice pudding ( sorry I don't know the Indian terminology on the desserts!) and the other what looked to be balls of cheese...

        But I tell ya, the mango ice cream was to die for-

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          Kheer is rice pudding. Gulab jamun is balls of fried dough (like donut holes) soaked in sweet syrup.

          1. re: paulispumonti

            Ice cream is probably Kuhlfi. And I do agree. Mango kuhlfi is almost always spectacular. Last time I had it was at India House on their lunch buffet. I told them I needed some to go since it was sooo good, and that I would gladly pay for it, but they let me have a decent size container for free.

            1. re: gordeaux

              Gordeaux---Do you know that you can buy pre-packed frozen kulfi, not just mango but many other flavors too, at the big Patel supermarket on Devon?

        2. For many years, Viceroy of India was my favorite Indian restaurant on Devon. Then, one day, I realized that almost every time I'd eaten there I was either the only one or there were only one or two other tables with patrons. I don't know how the restaurant has survived with few sit-down (as compared to their take out) customers, but, new decor or not, unless there are more customers now than before - I'll be eating elsewhere. Thanks for the report.

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          1. re: gomexico

            Agreed, Viceroy's dining room is usually pretty light in the customer department...with the exception of the weekends. Their food however, is consistently the very best on the strip and always ultra fresh. My loyalty is with the amazing food, so I care little about the decor or the number of patrons in the house.

            1. re: amoncada

              Fine with me that it's quiet during the week- means easier buffet access and less germs!!!! But I have yet to see any of the restaurants along Devon crowded during lunch...I wonder sometimes how they make $$ yet survive year after year...I guess it is the weekend business that pulls them through...they certainly don't make it on the cocktails - I never see anyone drinking anything but water!!!

              Enjoy it though while you can...I regretfully anticipate that the current food shortages may soon boost the price of one of Chicago's cheap eats bargains