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Apr 23, 2008 07:48 AM

April 23 - Shakespeare's Birthday

What would the bard want for dinner tonight? Inspire me.

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  1. Eye of newt and toe of frog don't sound too appetizing, so perhaps pick your favorite play and do a meal that suits its setting. Tempest? Seafood, maybe island cuisine. Romeo and Juliet? Certainly Italian.

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    1. Just saw MacBeth at BAM. The new production is amazing. Anyway ... there's a wonderful scene in the kitchen when MacBeth is giving the orders to have McDuff's family killed (I think). All the while he's making a cheese and pickle sandwich. It's cold. It's striking. A dinner of that sandwich would give me shivvers.

      1. Twelfth Night? Cakes and ale! (from Sir Toby Belch) Preferably when you hear the chimes at midnight.

        1. Something warm, comforting and local to Stratford.

          Pork scratchings to nibble on with an aperitif.

          Asparagus to start - the UK's main growing region is just down the road

          For main, faggots & onion gravy springs to mind, as a Midlands dish:

          Probably no dessert but might finish with some cheese (Stilton and Leicester are not far away from home


          And he may have drunk plum jerkum (made like beer or cider but from plums)

          1. This is more for ingredients than dishes, but it's a nice idea for a website: