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Apr 23, 2008 07:44 AM

Cold Beer after White Mtn. Hike? Help!!

Would love to find a good place to go and take off my hiking boots and sip a good cold and I mean cold beer. The place has to have scenery, and perhaps even a spot outside. The beer really needs to be cold, and I'm not talking draft. I'm a long neck kinda gal. Anywhere from Conway to Plymouth.. anywhere else, well, I might as well be in my backyard. Oh, I wouldn't mind a decent appetizer with that beer.Thanks.

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  1. Ok, in the Conway area, there are quite a few places because of the touristy nature of it. There are places like Horsefeathers, but there is another place about a mile down, right in the center of town, it is a German place, and I can't think of the exact name, but I know it has Haus in it. When I remember it, I wll let you know immediately

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        I've always liked Horsefeathers, especially for Bloody's. Still, I want to get off that main drag, which, on a nice weekend, is a DRAG.

      2. Red Parka in Bartlett. The colorful characters are the view you request.

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        1. I happen to like microbrewed drafts, but I also like them cold after a hike. I like cold water while hiking too, so fill my camelbak with part water and part ice.

          The place I normally go to for apres-hike or apres-ski on the way home is the Common Man in Ashland (the original). I always change into a clean shirt, but have always felt comfortable in hiking clothes. Plus, you can start on the crackers and dip BEFORE you sit down. The upstairs pub is nice and there are a few tables at an upstairs deck in good weather. I also like this place because it breaks up my ride back almost at the mid-point. They specialize in comfort food and it is usually just what the doctor ordered after a hike.

          Of course, one of the best brews with a view is at the Mt Washington hotel. There's a pub with a tremendous view of the prezies at sunset. They also have hot chocolate, if you're looking for a winter warmup.

          I once stopped in for a brew at the Mountain View Grand in Whitefield, NH. The view outside is as good as at MWH, but there is not view (that I could see) from the inside pub.

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            Good suggestion. You are so right, load up on cheese and crackers and head on up to the deck...But, hoping to do maybe Zealand falls with my 9-year old, so need to get to a place quick after the hike. Mt. Washington Hotel may be an idea, since I think they still put cookies out in the afternoon for anyone walking through the lobby.

          2. Stop at the closest convienence store, and pick up a 6 or 12 of Tuckerman's Pale ale. Sit on the rocks at Jackson Falls or at the top of Cathedral with your cooler. Jackson Falls is right next to 16B, and you can drive to the top of Cathedral. Lots of places to take in the scenery with a cooler along the Kanc, 302 in Crawford Notch, or along 112 and 118.

            Muddy Moose actually has a nice deck out back with views of Cathedral and Whitehorse. Not fine dining, but decent with a good selection of bottled beer.

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              MMMMM, Tuckermans ... quality brew.

            2. There used to be a place that we loved to go after a long hike. This place has great pizza and entertainment as well. I believe it is in the Jackson area and the name is Lorna Doone or something similar. It seemed like a place where all the locals go.

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                Would you be referring to Shannon Door?

                Interesting place. An Irish pub with pizza...!

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                  Ok I got the name totally wrong...Yes that is it, Shannon Door. We always love a cold beer there and good entertainment as well. Thanks lar3ry, if you are in the area give it a shot.