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Apr 23, 2008 07:43 AM

Crabhouse/Seafood in Baltimore with kids

any suggestions for a kid-friendly spot for dinner? we have a car and know better than to show up for dinner at 7 pm. Is Mama's on the Halfshell too upscale?

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  1. I have taken my nieces and nephews (ages 7, 5, 3, 1) to LP Steamers in Locust Point multiple times. The staff was fantastic. They gave us a room up stairs, made sure the kids were happy and even brought up free ice cream treats after our meal.

    1. Just in case you don't know, Mama's on the Halfshell is a seafood place and not a Crabhouse. They will have crab dishes but no crabs. I don't think it is upscale, I always wear jeans, but it is by no means a uber-casual place. The dining room upstrairs is decorated more upscale, but the atmosphere is still casual. Downstairs is casual. I think it depends on your kids ages and what time you go, you would probably be fine for an early dinner. I have never seen people bring kids there, but I have only been for brunch or a late dinner.

      What ages are your kids?

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        they are 2 and a half and 9 mos...needless to say, we generally show up at dinner at 5:30 or so to avoid their meltdown hour and the crowds. sounds like a place like LP Steamers might be a better option.

      2. LP Steamers! We live around the corner and frequent it. One word needed....CASUAL. You can order crabs by the half dozen. Plenty of parking on the street and @ 5:30, lots of parking.

        On the other side of the harbor in Canton is Captian James' landing. They offer a deck on the water. They have parking but are a bit more expensive.