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Apr 23, 2008 07:19 AM

La Flor Cafe

A neighbor and I went to La Flor on Roosevelt and about 53rd Street in Woodside on Saturday. I had not been there in maybe six or seven years. Although I paid NYC price for the salad I was sadly disappointed. it was awful, tasted like leftovers and thought I would get sick from the grilled salmon ceasar salad. We had to pay extra for bread. Before when I had gone there as soon as you sat down, the waitress put a bread basket on the table. My friend said her fritatta was too dry to finish eating.

I will not go back there.

is there a decent place in Woodside to eat normal healthy food?

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  1. wow, that doesn't sound too good. I used to go to La Flor alot, but haven't been in about a year or so, and the last time I went they had raised their prices, and were always out of my favorite desserts. But charging for bread? That's a new one, because usually the bread they would serve was sortof burnt anyway. Have you been to De Mole in Sunnyside, it's not far from there? You could get the De Mole salad with grilled shrimp that is very good and a large portion for about $7, and they now have salmon and tilapia, also. Not sure what you mean by normal healthy food?? I assume you've been to Srip, because there are so many great healthy options there---Maybe head over and get some Turkish coban salad with grilled chicken on top, there's a few options in Sunnyside area, also not that far from La Flor.

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      normal healthy food, as in American fare, salads, turkey burgers, soup, club sandwiches, vegetables, pancakes, . Like a decent, clean coffee shop, there aren't any. Some of the places I am afraid to eat in because they seem filthy. like the coffee shop on the corner of 61st and Roosevelt. A nightmare.

      Yes I have been to Sripaphu but a lot of the dishes have sugar in the sauces. it's okay don't want to spend an hour waiting for a table
      where is De Mole?

      are there any American restaurants?in the Woodside/Sunnyside area?
      I don't like the Columbian chicken places, too expensive, greasy, too many carbs.
      Where is the Turkish coban salad? oh you mean that horribly overpriced Turkish place on Queens Boulevard? I thought you meant Sripaphu the Thai place.

      Yes, they actually charged us for the bread, perhaps a waitress tactic to pump up the tips? I won't go back to La FLor again.

      1. re: SherpaGrang

        if clean is your criteria, aubergine is clean enough.
        i can't remember the name of the turkish place on qb, but the bread there is amazing and i find the food to be pretty decent. i don't have an issue with the prices, as it's not a regular go-to joint of mine.
        sripraphai has lots of healthy, non-sugary options. i'm a big fan of the tilapia in lemongrass broth (not sure what it's called on the menu).

        and i am thai has a great tofu clear soup.

        it's weird that you were charged for bread at la flor if you had been there before and weren't charged for bread, did you ask if the charge was a mistake? i haven't been in a couple months, but have been going for years and have never had an issue. i love it there and find the prices to be extremely fair. not everyplace is as inexpensively priced as de mole, which really is the healthiest and best food in the nabe. just be sure to put the extra $$ you would have paid on a normal tab into the tip!

        i know you're asking for american restaurants, but i find the american fare around here to be pretty sub-par. you could probably find something in astoria to fit that bill.

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          I recommended NY Style Eats below, but I just thought of another, newish place - Pete's Grill, near 40th and QB. I haven't been, but I've seen reports of it being pretty decent, diner-type food.

        2. re: SherpaGrang

          "normal healthy food, as in American fare"

          Not something you're likely to find a whole lot of in an area where the majority of the residents were born outside of the U.S. For most of the people who live in Woodside what you describe is not "normal" food.

          Having said that though I would've pointed you in the direction of Stop Inn, but you've already rejected that (although it seems pretty typical of NYC coffee shops to me, with somewhat better food). NYC Eats recommended elsewhere here is slightly slicker and may be more to your taste. Or perhaps some of the Irish pubs in the neighborhood along Roosevelt or Queens Blvd. Almost all of them will serve a salad, various burger options, other sandwiches, soup, some fish, and even a brunch.

          1. re: Woodside Al

            Yeah, I have to admit that I took a bit of an issue with that as well -- the use of the word "normal."

            I think you're talking about New york Style Eats in Sunnyside. It's just a diner but the food is decent for the hood. And then you have Aubergine Cafe in Sunnyside/Woodside which is probably something that the OP is looking for in spite of the foreign name.

      2. I go to La Flor probably once a month, and never had a meal like you described. I was there about 2 weeks ago and wasn’t charged for bread. I always enjoy the food and think that for the money the value is high. When I go, usually I order Latin / Mexican type dishes that are always pretty taste. Also enjoy the guitar player and the laid back relaxed atmosphere.

        Sorry you had such a bad experience, I hope you said something to them and you sent back the salmon.

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        1. re: Jim P

          I have been to La Flor countless times on the weekends and have never been given a basket of bread. Maybe they only do bread for dinner but not brunch? I rarely see anyone with baskets of bread for brunch.

          For the record, I like the Puebla Eggs, the giant cheesy chicken quesedilla...the chicken can get a bit dry but w/ extra salsa and all the creme and cheese it's really dense and tasty, especially towards the middle! The La Flor Torta is also a tasty bbq pork style sandwhich.

          There's plenty of healthy food at Srip and Zabb and De Mole and the turkish places. Turkish Grill can be expensive but Mangal is cheap. Probably not clean enough for some of the above posters though!

          But for salads, burgers etc, the irish pubs like Donovans, Cuckoo's Nest etc are all decent options.

          I can't imagine how the chicken places are too expensive...Pio Pio Riko, or Pio Pio in jackson heights, you can get half a chicken with rice and beans and salad for like 6 bucks!

          Aubergine has suprisingly good food for what seems like a little cafe. Their ceaser salad is huge.

        2. I've never been impressed by La Flor either. I do like De Mole - delicious, fresh and large portions (it's on 48th Ave and 44th St., I believe). The best place I know of for "normal" american food is NY Style Eats on QB and 45th St. - it's not amazing, but their burgers, grilled chicken, sandwiches, salads, etc are all decent. They have EXCELLENT sweet potato fries, too - that's my main reason for going there! Generous portions and fairly inexpensive.

          1. I know you're looking for more all-American fare, but there's a Cuban restaurant that opened up right across the street from La Flor, Mojitos, which is pretty good. I think that space used to be a dive bar. I'm not a Cuban food connoisseur, but I thought the food was flavorful, subtle and extremely reasonably priced. Their salads were made with very fresh ingredients, generously portioned and not overdressed. My friend and I split a salad and each had an entree; mine was great, his a little salty for my taste. Overall, I had a good experience and didn't leave feeling stuffed and bloated. Has anyone else tried it?