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Apr 23, 2008 07:18 AM

Chalfont's Main Street

Any good places to eat I'll be in the area on Friday night

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  1. If you like Mexican food, I can recommend Los Sarapes at 17 Moyer Rd. (just off Rt. 202). Its Web site is . Over the years we have had lunch there several times. Unlike many restaurants, it has actually gotten better over time.

    1. I worked in Chalfont about 10 years ago, off Main Street at Park Ave, and recall going to the Roasted Pepper on numerous occasions. Good pizza, good sandwiches and dishes, has stood the test of time. Not much out there by way of reviews, but this site has a few 5/5:

      1. Borghi's!!! Very good Italian/American, good portions, and if you like calamari you have to try theirs! It is so good, and made in house. It is right on 202 and 152. I am not sure about the Roasted Pepper, never heard good things. Los Sarapes is also very good.

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          We went to Borghi's several years ago, first for New Years Eve (I know, never a good time to judge), then we went back and were underwhelmed. I can't even recall why at this point. Sounds like we need to give it another go.

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            I'd like to hear if you try it again!

        2. The original comment has been removed