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Apr 23, 2008 07:10 AM

Phoenix Farmers Market

What time does it open? Does it continue year around? What are not to be missed items?

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  1. Info on the Downtown Phoenix market:

    my usual stops:
    Maya's Farm for raw milk and whatever produce looks good (among other things, they had some very pretty golden beets last week
    )One Windmill Farm for potatoes, onions, shallots, garlic, citrus, and various greens
    Crooked Sky Farm for greens, citrus, okra, and whatever else catches my eye
    Chile Acres for eggs
    Tortillas Rosario for...well...tortillas (white flour and whole wheat)

    other, occasional stops:
    the tepary bean guy
    the European pastry guy
    the Arizona's Best(?) table for McClendon's citrus honey and Queen Creek Olive Mill olive oil
    Dos Arbolitos for herb plants

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      We go to the downtown public market nearly every week & we're always finding cool stuff. Great fruit & vegetables, tortillas, shrimp cocktail, eggs, kettle corn, pickles, etc.

      Couple good finds this week...

      New peach jam at Maya's with jalapeno. Not really spicy but yummy with that flavor. Though I'm a spice wimp, wouldn't mind that bumped up a bit.

      New hot sauce at Gage the Heat - homemade "tabasco" - very hot but great flavor - or so the wife tells me - too hot for my blood. The heat eating folks in my family really like it.

      Also couple bummers...

      Overheard someone telling that the lemonade stand that only does lemonade (with a special cart for it) had the best there. We definitely couldn't support that. Tasted like made with really bad tap water. Going back to our others for sure. Yikes!

      Also the new burrito folks that have been making them to order (Yo Yo Burrito or something?) were not there so we tried a Nina's Place burrito. Yikes again! Looks like they have a ton premade & by the time we got there (late), they'd been steaming all day & the tortilla had dissoled into almost dough or something? Not much texture inside either as it seemed everything had been ground/blended up. :(

    2. Wed 4-8PM
      Sat 8AM-Noon

      here's the website:

      We dont' go very often but when we do go we usually pick up produce from One Windmill and Maya(Maya's produce is also available at the Farm and at the Ahwatukee Sunday market). Eggs from Dave if he's not sold out. Like others here we like Belinda's pickles. The Farm cheese is good. The granola you'll find must have crack in it or something cuz it's pretty darn addictive. I usually pick up some McClendon Farms orange blossom honey. Maya has had grass fed beef and raw milk in the past, don't know if she does currently.

      1. hohokam pretty much nailed it. add to it :

        garlic pita chips from dr hummus
        dill and red onion farmers cheese from rainbow valley
        fresh chevre from the goats milk people
        anything canned from cotton county jams - esp the african burr gerkins, beets, watermelon rinds, asparagus, blueberry & sambuca jam, brandied peaches, mango salsa, green beans, you get the gist ;)
        and any of the juices from sapna's chill out cafe - esp watermelon with rosewater
        and the shrimp cocktails

        and that should about do it :D

        1. We stopped by on a Wednesday in February, and 90% of the vendors mentioned above were not there. Check the longer link hohokam posted; perhaps this was because it was February, but it sounds like Saturday is generally a much better bet.

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          1. re: bortukan

            Good point. My response was based on my visits to the Saturday morning market only. I have yet to stop by on a Wednesday.