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Apr 23, 2008 07:07 AM

Where for Dinner with 3 Kids?

I'm looking for a special, New York place to take visiting family who like adventurous dining, but need their bellies filled-- no dainty portions! Something like Fatty Crab or Momofuku ? I would like to find a place that takes reservations or will definitely have tables open around 6pm. Possibly a good spot in Chinatown. Thanks for your tips!

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  1. Fuleen Seafood, 11 Division St. Not haute cuisine, but very good for what they do.

    1. Momofuku doesn't take reservation so it is out.

      If you want Chinese food, Congee Village is a good place with kids as they have bubble tea and desserts. Certainly a lot of adventurous offerings from pig's intestines to duck feet (and standard Cantonese food as well)

      Another suggestion is Korean BBQ in Korean town. Since you can cook your meat at the grill yourself, kids tend to love the interactive aspect of it.

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        Congee Village is super fun and family friendly - the decor is loud and the atmosphere is always bustling. There is another location on Bowery that isn't as fun.

        Momofuku Noodle Bar or Momofuku Ssam Bar don't take reservations, but you should be able to get a table at 6pm without problems.

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          I don't know that I would take kids (depending on ages) to Momofuku Ssam. It's a small place with small tables, uncomfortable chairs, and a really hip, trendy, non-kid friendly atmosphere (IMHO). Also, I found the portions to be rather small, so you'll spend a pretty penny to fill up big eaters. I think Chinatown would be a much better bet.

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          I second the Korean BBQ idea. We like Kum Gang San on 32nd Street. Big tables good for groups.

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            Good thinking. And for Korean BBQ, the best I've had in Manhattan so far is Madangsui on 35 St. Excellent banchan, too.

            Congee Village seems to have recently changed their standard English-language menu to include items such as dishes with duck's blood. I recently had dinner at the bar and ordered duck's blood with chives. It was delicious and kind of spicy, and included some ginger. I think fu yu or nam yu (types of fermented bean curd) was also in the sauce. I always like their sea clams and razor clams, too.

          2. Excellent, thank you. Any suggestions in the event that I can't get them excited about Asian food? Peter Luger?

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              I totally think Luger's could work. They make one of the best cheeseburgers ever...You can't beat the experience!


              1. re: waterbuffalo

                Peter Luger is certainly fine. I don't know if your kids will appreciate the steaks as much as adults, but the restaurant itself is a history of its own and surely deserve a visit.

                If you want to stay within the city, you can try Hill Country for BBQ. It is a fun place (IMO) and you can line up to get your order which is different from most of the restaurants in NY. If you are not coming from the South, I think Hill Country can be qualified as great BBQ!

                1. re: kobetobiko

                  Cool, thank you! I've never heard of Hill Country before. It sounds a lot like Kentucky Reds in Portland, OR, which I miss a lot from my years there.

              2. I still vote for Fuleen, but if Chinese is out I'd consider Pearl Oyster Bar for seafood lovers. No reservations, but if you get there early...

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                  I can't wait to try Fuleen. I actually live on Division Street and have never gone there... Mostly because I feel like if I'm going to go out to eat, I should at least cross the street. Thank you for this tip.