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Aug 11, 2002 11:21 PM

FUN places!

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My nephew and niece are spending the weekend with me next week (ages 7 and 4.) I want to take them to some funky, fun places for meals. Though good food would be nice, it is really secondary to the atmosphere, etc... Any suggestions, preferably on the Westside or
in Santa Monica? I was thinking Ed Debevics orperhaps Benihana. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance!!


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  1. C&O Tratorria in Marina del Rey, on Washington, two blocks from the beach.

    Loud atmosphere, nightly singing of "That's Amore", and the garlic knots and calamari are good. Honor wine bar. roasted chicken is pretty good too....not a big fan of their pasta though.

    1. Try Papadakis in San Pedro (301 W 6th St)- it meets your criteria for not great food and lots of fun -dancing whether you want to or not, and electrical Greek music. There's also Dar Maghreb in Hollywood (7651 Sunset Bl) where my similarly aged relatives couldn't get over the fact that you're SUPPOSED to eat with your hands - and use a bath towel for a napkin. It's not cheap but the food's pretty good; the belly dancer was a little intimidating for an 8 year old boy. Universal's City Walk is also fun with not great food, but kids don't seem to mind because the atmosphere, especially in the evening, is so lively.

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        I disagree with your statement about Papadakis. Went there in May and my large party (myself included) thought the food was great. Definitely a good place for a group-lots of entertainment and very fun.

      2. Hop in the car and head for the Rainforest Cafe in South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa). They'll love it and you'll be their hero. See website link below.


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          Not to be a pain, but I was at Southcoast Plaza yesterday and walked right by Rainforest Cafe, which was a total nightmare! Southcoast Plaza has been pretty busy this summer and there were about 50 people waiting outside the restaurant for lunch. Also, it was all people with little kids (toddlers) and strollers, and the 4 and 7-year old may think it's a little too juvenile. I definitely would not make a trip down to OC just for that. Rainforest Cafe may be entertaining for kids, but I think there is probably one in LA. In addition, the food is very subpar, not even mediocre, IMHO. Maybe it's just the South Coast Plaza one, but every time I see Rainforest Cafe, I just think, "yuck."

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          What about Tokyo Delve's in Marina Del Rey? I've never been but I hear it's a fun atmosphere and I think they have non-sushi items if sushi is too "gross" for your relatives.


          1. You picked two of my daughter's favorites. The third is Great Greek on Ventura Blvd.; music, dancing waiters, decent food.