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Apr 23, 2008 06:06 AM

Private room dining for retirement party??

Hey all, newbie at posting but frequent chowhound reader and looking for some help! Our boss is retiring and we're looking for restaurants that have a private room (for 22 people) we can book for lunch. The two options we've come up with are Jamie Kennedy Gardiner and Hart House at University of Toronto. Though Jamie might be too expensive? Downtown Toronto locations only and preferably within 15-20 minutes walking distance from Bay/College or a short TTC ride. HELP.

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  1. JK Wine Bar and George both have private rooms and can be highly recommended. Not cheap. Also, for 22 people at lunch time you could consider picking a small resto eg. < 40 seats and seeing if they would close for a private lunch. It may be worth their while if not likely to be a busy day otherwise.

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      Thanks for the tip. We did ORO a while back for another member who left and it was meh. I think we're leaning towards JK Gardiner; have never been myself but JKWB is great so this must be too, right? And they have set lunch menus for $30 and up. Not bad.

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        The food is great at JK Gardiner but I don't think it has a private room, does it? It's a beautiful space for an event or large party but your group will feel pretty exposed there.

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          You're right we might feel a bit exposed. I'll look into it. I think I read somewhere that you can rent out the space (terrace or lobby). Thanks for the link! If that doesn't work do you have any other suggestions?

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            You mentioned $30pp. What's your upper limit?

    2. What about Osgoode Hall...doesn't have a private room but do accomodate groups at large tables...excellent atmosphere not unlike Hart House is good too...Miranda

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        Great never crossed my mind! Thx Miranda.

      2. The wine cellar at Bravi might work.

        The new Terroni doesn't have a private room per se but they will separate your group as best they can.

        If you are looking for a much more reasonable option, Hot House Cafe has a decent private room and quite decent food.

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          I'll try giving Bravi (never been, is it good?) and Terroni a call. I have to nix Hot House Cafe - bad memories of crazy mothers day line-ups...

        2. i have booked the private room at BeerBistro (King/Yonge) for my engagement party. the staff have been really helpful and the menus look great. we're doing appetizers/cocktail party, but they have full meals and other choices availible. the room booking was no additional charge despite the fact that we have it for Sat night, and the minimum spending is $500, quite reasonable by downtown standards. good luck with your hunt!

          Beer Bistro
          18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

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            thanks LL. I love the BeerBistro. must remember that place for my engagement party...when it happens. Congrats!

          2. Thanks for all the advice... I'm making it a point to look into each and every one of those suggestions. I also thought of Bistro 990 simply because it's within walking distance and I just noticed they have a private room/area; not sure as I've only dined on their main floor.