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Apr 23, 2008 02:59 AM

melbourne, ft lauderdale - where to go

I have a night in both melbourne and ft lauderdale.
I would love some suggestions of places to go for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, etc...
I am planning on going to Le Tub to try the infamous burger but is there anything else worth trying?
I am interested in nearly all cuisines and would try anything from a whole-in-the-wall to a fancy-sit-down restuarant...
please let me know of your suggestions!
thank you

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  1. Reference Melbourne,here is a pretty good start,depending on your location.

    It is in a county about 80 miles long,without any really distinct cities.


    1. I'd be careful of the list cited in Tom's reply; some of those places are out of business.

      Where are you staying in Melbourne. While the city isn't that wide East-to-West, it does run a good 15-20 miles North-to-South, which could mean a lot of driving.

      You might also check this topic:

        1. re: jdwoods

          i just posted this for some people staying near A1A/17th street causeway

          15th Street Fishery - A Lauderdale Classic

          Fish - on the 17th Street Causeway

          Anthony's Run Way 84 - On Marina
          Great Italian, up there with Cafe Mortorano, Cafe D'Angelo
          Head over to Las Olas 1 mile north of you for tons of great food
          Chima - All you can eat meat, brazilian style

          Johnny V - chef was on iron chef last year

          Las Olas Cafe - Small hole in the wall awesome food

          Trina - On A1A, Mediterranean style
          Canyon - On Sunrise at Federal. My favorite in Lauderdale. Hi Class Tex Mex

          Eduardo de San Angel - Hi Class Mexican

          Thai Spice - Oakland Blvd
          Sunfish Grill
          Anything on Himmarshee Blvd is great, especially River House, Himmarshee, or Creolinas

          1. re: Raboi

            To qualify my thread,the folks that usually work on it are traveling with work.

            Yes,some of the places are closed.

            Phone calls are always a good bet.

            The list helps with geography,as most of them have been local standards for quite awhile.

            The alternate chowhound post, mostly touches on some of the "cutting edge" new restaurants in town.

            As happens with many like that,they are already gone,changed owners,chef moved,etc.

            If we know a specific location,we are much better able to give rec.


        2. My favorite place in Ft Laud us Canyon too...

          Here are some good, very casual places in Ft Laud
          Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza - multiple locations
          Zona Fresca - Just North of Sunrise on US1, VERY Fresh - quick mexican, awesome tacos, burritos, and guacamole