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Apr 23, 2008 02:57 AM

indian in paris?

Taking my fiance to Paris for her bday and she loves indian food. Do you know of any good indian restaurants in the city? Any tips would be much appreciated!

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  1. Paris is pretty poor when it comes to Indian cuisine (London is a lot better that for).
    However, I believe you'll find some decent, pretty authentic and not overly expensive Indian places in the Passage Brady, 11th arr. (M°: Château-d'Eau).

    Now that I think of it, I did hear good things about Yasmin, 71-73 Passage Brady. I really should give it a try myself, especially since I love Indian food as well, but nothing compares to what we had in India.

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        I tried one of the restaurants in the Passage Brady (don't remember which one). It was very bland.
        This page lists a few more Indian restaurants: with a focus on vegetarian options. Some have good reviews, but as others have said, Indian food is not one of Paris highlights.

      2. No offense but why would you come to Paris to have.... Indian food (whatever "Indian food" means)???
        Paris has so much more to offer!
        There are so many regional cuisines from France to try.
        Passage Brady restaurants are OK, but bear in mind that they are basic in terms of prices, decor and service.
        If you want something in a better location with a better ambiance, then you may want to try "Ravi" a 50 rue de Verneuil 75007 or "Yugaraj" at 14 rue Dauphine 75006.