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Apr 22, 2008 09:55 PM

Black forest cake?

Hi all,

Anyone know where I can find a decent black forest cake in Toronto? I have a wicked craving. I'm in Leslieville and have checked out Altitude and the local grocery stores and there was nothing available (except a black forest cheesecake at Loblaws, but I'm not a cheesecake fan).


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  1. I'm pretty sure that Select Bakery on Donlands (across the street and just North of Fresh From the Farm) has it. I'd say that, in general, you're best bet will be a European bakery (Select is Greek). Isn't there a good European bakery somewhere along the Danforth?

    1. When only the best will do - you'll have to travel a bit.
      Fabian's Cafe is a German Baker that's been around for decades. Stop in for a coffee and taste it first. Then buy 2!
      It's on Markham Road North of lawrence.

      PS Dominion Stores also makes one but it's mostly sugar - for emergency only!

      876 Markham Rd, Toronto, ON M1H, CA

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        I didn't like their Black Forest cake. Or any of their cakes that have 'whipped cream' on or in them. They don't use real whipped cream. Or at least they didn't when I worked there.

        1. re: Sooeygun

          That's quite possible.
          Wouldn't any cake with 'real' whipped cream have to be refrigerated/frozen in Ontario?

      2. I know that Chocolate Heaven (Danforth just west of Donlands) has had it at least once in the past. He varies his selection though so call first. In general, he sells both slices and makes cakes to order. His stuff is not super gourment, but "high-end homemade" (quote from bluedog I believe). True to form, when I had the black forest cake there, over a year ago now, it was definitely ahead of grocery store versions, but not fancy either. The cherry filling seemed higher quality than grocery store versions, but I don't think it was homemade either. IIRC the whipped cream did not have the over-gelatinized quality of a grocery store cake.
        Europa (closer to Pape, south side) probably has a version too but I would personally choose Chocolate Heaven over them for freshness and quality.
        These two recs are relative to the 'hood only, I'm sure there is better elsewhere!

        1. That is tough. Have you tried Konditor near Queen & Woodbine? I have enjoyed their version a number of times. I don't recommend Select Bakery on Donlands; last time my husband went, they were selling custard cones with "whipped cream" on top. Knowing my distaste for fake whipped products, he checked, and the server assured him it was real. Back at the ranch, I tasted it, and it was vegetable oil guck. I would hate for you to purchase a Black Forest cake covered with that stuff (and, alas, I have been served it that way many times). Good luck, and let us know what you find, as it's one of my favourites, if it's good...

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          1. re: Full tummy

            Are there any open window bakeries near you?
            I believe they have that cake.

            1. re: Full tummy

              Second the suggestion of Konditor. I haven't tried their Black Forest, but the pastry chef is Austrian. The other desserts I've tried have been quite good.

              The Sweet Gallery (owned by Serbian Canadians, I think?) also serves Black Forest Cake- there's a location near Mt Pleasant and Soudan, as well as Bloor West Village. Haven't tried their Black Forest Cake, and I remember reading some negative criticisms on CH, but I do like their Florentines.

              Cafe Bavaria in Scarborough (3244 Eglinton East, east of Markham Rd) should also have Black Forest Cake, but you might have to order it in advance. Has anyone tried their cakes?

              Also, Gerhard's in Scarbourough makes Black Forest : . Looks like they need 3-4 days notice to make a specific cake. Haven't seen Gerhard's mentioned on CH- has anyone tried them out?

              1. re: phoenikia

                Gerhard's has been around for ages. I think he used to do pastries for Barbarian's IIFC. I suspect he would be pretty good, certainly sounds awesome!

            2. The best Black Forest Cake I've ever had was from Swiss Pastries in Ottawa (Several locations) which used real whipped cream and juicy cherries. I even brought a cake back to Toronto one time as carry-on luggage as I could not find (and still have not found) a local source for this delicious cake. To any Ottawa CH'ders: Is Swiss Pastries still an excellent source for BFC.

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              1. re: T Long

                Another Swiss Pastries customer! I, too, enjoyed many wonderful treats from there, as a child growing up in Ottawa. I hear from my mom that it's not the same, alas.