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Apr 22, 2008 09:17 PM

hawaiian honeymoon for foodies? (not oahu)


so i still owe a review.. 'cause we went to i love country cafe, and i wanted to put a review up for there...

i digress...=)

soooo.. as my lovely friends here on CH know, i'll be getting married in oahu in a few months...

we are gonna honeymoon to another island. BUT, i have no idea which one.

i've been to maui and kauai, but a few decades ago.... and spend all my time with fam and friends on oahu...

we will island hop to maui, kauai, or BI... i'm asking this question here 'cause i want to go somewhere there is no lack of ono grindz.... =) i remember maui has more nightlife (bars? with good drinks?)

anyway, i need a place with plenty of options yummy yummy food... =) (and of course, price has nothing to do with yummy yummy food)....

mahalo nui loa! =)

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  1. Well Kini, you know how much I LOVE the big island, but Madam Pele has been cranky lately and the vog is really atrocious. Kona isn't too bad, but you would still be cutting out half the island.

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    1. re: KaimukiMan

      As a foodie who vacations in Maui and Kauai every year, I must tell you that, in my opinion, neither island is right for a foodie honeymoon.

      Maui and superior to Kauai in terms of food -- not even a close call. But, even in Maui, I have had very few truly outstanding "foodie" meals. Don't misunderstand -- I've had perfectly good meals -- the last trip included Lahaina Grill, Mama's, Mala, and Kimo's (along with a really bad tasting menu at Pacifico's). But the only really mind-blowing foodie meal I had on Maui was the tasting menu at Spago -- two nights in a row. (That was in October 2007, and there have been a fair amount of negative comments about Spago since then.)

      I'm not sure there's any place better in the world to honeymoon than Maui and Kauai -- but if you want a foodie honeymoon, I think you should look elsewhere.

      (I am planning a foodie honeymoon for October, and I am looking to look elsewhere and would love suggestions.)

    2. i am a los angeles foodie honeymooning on maui next month and these are our choices for lunches and dinners.

      lahaina grill
      pacific o's
      haliimaile general store
      roy's (we have a gift card)
      maybes: seawatch, nick's fishmarker (in our hotel), hula grill

      da kitchen
      jawz tacos
      cafe o'lei
      aloha mixed plate
      honokowai okazawya deli

      1. Son'z at the Hyatt Regency in Maui is pretty good. They have one of the more decent wine lists in the island that I have seen and the ambiance is very romantic.

        1. hahahah kaimukiman you crack me up... i'm hoping those tradewinds kick in soon! the vog was around when i was out there, but then i saw on khnl it got worse in the past few days... your reference to madam pele made me smile! hahaha

          so i digress.

          we picked maui because there are more choices. we now have to figure out where to stay.. kaanapali or wailea side. i tend to want to be closer to more food choices...

          how are my food choices in lahaina?

          perhaps i don't qualify as a total foodie.. i'm not looking for 5 star mind blowing meals ever night =)

          i'm looking for a lively place to have drinks with my to be hubby, perhaps maybe 1 or 2 dress up nice dinners, casual lunches....

          my fav places in oahu are side street inn, wailana coffehouse, hy's, rainbow, that one japanese shop in ala moana across from the curry place, zippys (oh the horror! it's the chilli over rice hahahah), garlic shrimp trucks, oh and most recently hau tree and i love country cafe =)

          so i guess, my real question is, i'm looking for a variety of good food.....

          we were thinking of doing a day trip to lanai. haven't been there since before all that one hotel went up (i don't remember if pineapples were still there! hahahah)... so it's been quite some time.... does that one hotel have good restos too?

          thanks for the lahaina grill, spago, da kitchen, and kimo's recs! i totally forgot about those! =)

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            Well, in that case: West Maui. Generally, it's a much livelier atmosphere, both on Ka'anapali beach and in Lahaina. Far more choices than in Wailea. But do make it down to Wailea for Spago.