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Apr 22, 2008 08:26 PM

DFW Cupcakes

Other than Sprinkles, where are the best cupcakes in the area?

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  1. Society Bakery on Greenville is very good. I haven't seen them at doughmonkey lately, but they make a great cupcake too.

    1. Jackie Spratt off Hillcrest, across from SMU. This is definitely our go-to place for parties or a quick fix.

      1. I have been on a bit of a quest to find the best, actually.
        I have to admit, that Sprinkles is tops (I really wanted them to not be the best- but alas.)
        Second on my list is Tart on Lovers-
        Society Bakery is neck-in-neck with Tart.
        I didn't really like Jackie Sprat's all that much- but she, herself, is really nice.
        I hear DoughMonkey is the way to go- but I not yet seen cupcakes there.
        Also, for the best vegan cupcakes, go for Covert Vegan. They are made special order, and are out of this world (

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        1. re: freelisa

          Let's see..

          I love Society Bakery. The cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are very good.
          Dallas Affaires makes great HUGE (no,really,they are huge) cupcakes with butter cream frosting - YUM.
          Would love to try DoughMonkey.

          Have to say that I am not a huge Sprinkles fan - only like a few flavors. Find most to be dry.

          Also, I don't like Tart either (sorry freelisa!). I can't recall why, but I threw the last cupcake I had from there away.

          When you find the best, let us know! I am always searching as well :).

          1. re: stephtx

            I agree. Every Sprinkles cupcake I've had has been way too dry. A cupcake should be moist and these are positively arid. The icing is good, but it isn't as creamy as I'd like.

            Dallas Affaires is my favorite.

          2. re: freelisa

            Oh yes - Covert Vegan cupcakes are AMAZING. You don't even know they are vegan. Every once in awhile you can even find them at Make studio in the Bishop Arts.

            Not a sprinkles fan - had them several times thinking i got an 'old' batch. But 4 out of 5 times it was dry, not moist cake.

          3. I don't care for Sprinkles. I have tried their cupcakes 3-4 times and everytime thought they were pretty crappy.

            My vote goes to Jackie Spratt. Society is good, too.

            Someone on once suggested doing a cupcake tasting. If anyone ever organized such an event, I would love to read the tasters' notes.