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Apr 22, 2008 08:09 PM

The Chalet in Eagle Rock

So, I'm planning a birthday night for a friend and she wants to end the night at The Chalet in Eagle Rock. We're probably going to have a group of 10-15 and want to find a place to eat beforehand. Does anyone have any good recommendations for restaurants in the area?

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  1. There is Casa Bianca right next door, if you want some of the best pizza in town (It is usually a wait, however). Just down the street to the west is Cafe Beaujolais, which is a great neighborhood french place. Larkins also has good southern food, but the service can be spotty, 10-15 might overwhelm them.

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      I second the Cafe Beaujolais rec, but the place is fairly small, so you might want to get reservations. Casa Bianca is a good choice as well if you can avoid the wait. WIth a party your size, you can call ahead about one hour in advance to limit the wait. Mia Sushi is also pretty good if you are in the mood for sushi. It is on Eagle Rock Blvd.

    2. Love Colombo's Italian Steakhouse. Old school and if you call ahead they shouldn't have a problem with a large group. The burger (on the bar menu) is great. The calamari in good and if the have prime rib on special that is really good. Plus they will probably have some great funky jazz or blues live.
      I would check with Larkins to see if they can accomodate because they have a really lovely space and good food, just remember they are BYOB.
      Also if you want to do casual I woudl recommend Brownstone Pizza over Casa Binaca. No wine but you can take pizza next door to Colorado Wine Company or bring wine in. Very good thin crust pizza but not much atmosphere.

      1833 Colorado Blvd
      Los Angeles, CA 90041
      (323) 254-9138

      1496 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
      (323) 254-0934

      Brownstone Pizzeria - more info ยป
      2108 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
      (323) 257-4992

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        I forgot about Columbo's! Awesome place, great suggestion.

      2. Thanks everyone, these are some great suggestions. From what you've all said Colombo's sound like it would work well for our group. I'd love to do Casa Bianca, but I am a little worried about the wait. A co-worker also suggested The York, saying it's a little further away, but that it might accomodate a larger group better.

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          If it were my bday, I'd definitely do The York over Casa Bianca. It's a very very short drive to The Chalet. Make reservations. Also, note that because of the lighting and tinted glass at the York, from the outside it looks like it's closed, but it's so not.

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            All very good suggestions above. If you do choose to go to Colombos, you might be able to get the private back room (i wasn't charged for it, but this was a couple years ago) but you won't be able to view the jazz band. Also, the service there is great but not the quickest, if you guys are in a rush. Last time I went a couple of months ago, only 1 waitress was serving the front room. Maybe a call ahead can solve these problems.

          2. I would say Cafe Beaujolais but call a few days in advance to let them know you are a a big party. LOvely French Bistro food, I have never had a bad meal or a bad time there.
            Colombo's old school steakhouse with killer drinks, they are quite small inside and if there is live music they may not be able to fit you. I would not bother with Casa Bianca, they don't take res. and you will wait a long time unless you go at like 4 pm or whenever they open. Brownstone Pizza is just a pizza parlor, no seating. Mia Sushi is really good but again call ahead so they can accomodate you.
            The York is a good idea, but it is NOT a restaurant. They serve bar food, which mean you order at the bar, go sit down and they give you a number and they come find you.. That being said everything I have had to eat there(extensive menu) has been delciious and your party can order and eat as they come in. Gets crowded on the weekends and you will have to drive over to THe Chalet. Larkins also good but it is a smallish dining room, maybe they can accomodate you outside. If you do Larkins, Colombo's or Beaujolais you cna just park once and then walk over to THe Chalet!!

            1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. We ended up going to The York and then to The Chalet and had a great time.

              I had called The York in advance to let them know we would be a party of 10-12 and they said that if we wanted to reserve a table for more than 10 we needed to commit to spending $300. Even though that's not a lot per person, I wasn't sure that everyone would be eating dinner, so we just tried our luck.

              We got to The York around 6:45 and a whole row of tables were open. So we pulled them together and it worked out perfectly. We ended up having 16 people show up and we were all able to sit together. The food was great. It was most people's first trip to The York and everyone loved it.

              Then we headed to The Chalet and it was a surprisingly slow Saturday night, which was perfect, because we were able to take over the area in front of the fire place.

              Overall, the night was a huge success and the birthday girl had an awesome time.

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              1. re: AlanaCW

                Sounds like a great evening. Glad you enjoyed both The York and the Chalet.