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Apr 22, 2008 07:23 PM

Toronto Life: Best New Restaurants- pick one

I just picked up a copy of Toronto Life outlining the 10 best new restaurants. I would love to hear the pros and cons of any of these restaurants. I'm not from Toronto and only have two nights in town.

Colborne Lane
Greg Couillard's Spice Room
Terroni Adelaide

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  1. I've not tried (even close to) the whole list, but have been to #1 and #2, and I would very much recommend Colborne Lane. Here are reviews (with some photos) of both:


    Next on my list would be C5 (but in large part because I want to check out the renovations on the new ROM).

    Also, if you have two nights, I might suggest picking one from the list and going with an "older" spot for night #2 . There are so many great choices in Toronto. Please let us know where you end up.

    1. Unless you really enjoy the smell and sight of new decor, with only two nights in town, why bother with the above list? In my opinion, none of the 10 provides a dining experience with enough wow factor to please the palete. ( may be Colborne lane with its pseudo-molecular cuisine. However, I still find the food long on presentation but short on taste ) I would suggest using your precious time in having a great Chinese lunch or dinner at Lai Wah Heen. Some great oysters and excellent seafood at Starfish. A 'high-end' dinner with the 'total package' at Splendido ( Toronto's answer to a good Michelin stars restaurant ). And finally, a great Japanese 'Omakase' dinner at Sushi Kaji ( the best Japanese restaurant east of Vancouver?! ). Other honourable mention worth considering include Canoe, George, Chiado and Scaramouche.
      Welcome to TO and Happy Chowing!

      1. Welcome to Toronto!

        I largely agree with Charles' commentary regarding the list and alternatives he provides. I have not eaten at all of the above, so I can't provide a full commentary, however...

        Colborne Lane is likely the best choice on that list, but it lacks a "wow" factor. All the dishes are adequately prepared, but the place is more show than substance.

        One is just grossly over-rated. All my dinners there have been disappointing for the price point. The fish had always been over cooked, foods are too salty and otehr wise bland, and many dishes are swimming in butter or oil. Take a pass.

        Terroni is a pizza joint. Nice room, decent pizza, no reservations (at least not as of a few months ago), but a pizza joint.

        Great oysters/seafood at Starfish. Superb fish and service at Chiado (though the room is a bit formal). Great small plates/tapas style wine bar at Jamie Kennedy, great small plates (and reasonably price friendly) at Nyood.

        High end dining at Splendido is terrific. Great mid-range, fresh "bistro-style" fare at Globe

        There are much better dining options around the city than the list above, with some at better price points

        Good luck and have fun

        1. Yet another vote that's consistent with the replies so far. Have tried 6 of them, and the only one I returned to was Colborne Lane - but haven't been there for over 6 months - it's gimmicky rather than satisfying.
          Go with the "old faithfuls".

          1. I would guess that L'Unita would suit your tastes. As you home page indicates you love pizza and pasta, prefer to eat local, and love a good red wine it hits all of those marks. They source locally, make much of their pasta on site, have delicious pizzas, and the wine list is exclusively from Italy and Ontario. I'm not sure where all the "wow factor" commentary is coming. You appear to want to try something new. Good for you. Simplicity is often overlooked as the outstanding part of the dinner.

            Charles' alternate list of tried's and true is full of excellent choices if you want a fall back position.

            134 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5R2H6, CA

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              What is the price point at L'Unita?

              1. re: Pincus

                I'd say 2 could get outta there for $150 or less....depending on how much you drink. Their menu is on the website.

                1. re: millygirl

                  Their menu was broken when I tried to view it. Thank you!