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Apr 22, 2008 07:07 PM

Hell's Kitchen - tanning salon?

God love him, but someone ought to tell Gordon that tanning with those little plastic glasses to cover your eyes, before taping an episode is a really bad idea - every time the camera turned to his grimacing face I had to laugh. I'm surprised anyone could keep a straight face. He looked like a reverse raccoon.

I think Ben is mistaken. I think Gordon actually sees potential in him that is being wasted by his distraction - maybe I'm wrong - but he seems like a serious guy with potential to be a good (mind you I'm not saying great) chef. I still don't get Bobby. He shows me nothing. And Corey? Does she WANT everyone to hate her?

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  1. I never even noticed that (the reverse raccoon look)! Will have to watch for it next week.

    Really glad Jen stepped up in both the pasta making challenge and the dinner service - she really showed she can lead. Corey's eyerolling during the pasta challenge - get over yourself, girl! Jen at least motivated everyone to keep working to the very end!

    Meanwhile, Bobby is just a big-ass lump of clay. He did squat to actually lead his team. Petrozza did more than he did! I know a poster here on CH says he is friends with someone who works with Bobby, and claims that he's a good chef - but right now, Bobby is just barely a few steps above Aaron from last season. At least from what he's shown so far, which is very little.

    As for the idiots - Corey's still too full of herself from a few weeks back when she won. She's going to shoot herself in the foot. And Craig? Lordy, that is one person who's not firing on all cylinders. WTH were the producers thinking in casting him, but only to show how stupid he really is? How is he a sous chef anywhere? He ignores Chef Ramsay, he ignores his teammates, no one knows what he's doing, and HE doesn't know what he's doing! Good riddance.

    1. I don't know about it being looked like the tan lines only really showed up when he got worked up and his face got redder. But I noticed it for the first time last night, so who knows. Either way it makes for an entertaining visual.

      I'm sick of Jen, Corey, and Bobby. It's amazing how much airtime they devote to Corey because she's sort of the catalyst for all the drama on the girls' side, and I still haven't really found any redeeming qualities other than her willingness to ignore outside influences. I'm still pulling for Louross, but his little pouting session after the opening challenge was disappointing. Is anyone on the men's team displaying actual leadership without just b--ching at each other? I must say, the teaser for next week has me excited.

      Craig, Craig, Craig. Maybe he just can't cook without his hat? :)

      1. The teaser for next week looks interesting... Louross has a love connection? I hope it's not like that Mexican headbanger dude (from last season???)

        The problems with the men's team is there are too many inflated egos that they're not talking or listening to anyone, using a Top Chef reference, too many Howie's and Joey's.

        What's up with the women's team setting fire to the kitchen? Is it just one contestant that keeps setting of the pyrotechnics?

        Watching HK is entertaining... It's like watching the first few episodes of American Idol where the rejects are featured. I've given up looking at it as a culinary entertainment show... it's just strictly entertainment that just happens to be in a kitchen.

        1. Again, my daughter noticed the raccoon look on Gordon that I didn't notice until she mentioned it. Too funny!

          These folks appear to have the qualifications to make them the head chef at say.....Marie Callendar's or Mimi's. Certainly not a Ramsay flagship restaurant. I enjoy watching but it's for a whole different reason than why I also watch Top Chef.

          And was that Louross with Corey on the previews for next week??? Wouldn't that just totally fit the show for this season?

          Corey, as far as I'm concerned, shot herself in the foot when she picked Cristina as one of the bottom two a couple of weeks ago. She should have saved that little maneuver for when they go to individual competition and not during the male/female team challenges.

          Glad to see Craig gone. He was a mess, and shouldn't be allowed to cook in his own kitchen at home!

          1. Took long enough to kill Craig! Whew, finally!

            Yeah, I noticed the over-tanning myself on last night's episode. That's what happens when you have a Brit in California. hehe

            I do think Ben might be correct though. Seems Ramsay is out for him, and Ben is no better and no worse than most of the others. Matt on the other hand is definitely destined to go in the next two episodes I think. Him and Corey.