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Apr 22, 2008 07:07 PM

St. Louis - Hip new restaurants

Can anyone recommend what is new in St Louis - traveling from NYC for the weekend. Looking for hip, creative food, great wine list and cool atmosphere.

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  1. Hands down it is going to be Niche unless that is not new enough for you. the Chef just won an award from Food and Wine and will be on the cover and the crwod is the "black turtleneck" crowd...


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      What's with the 'black turtleneck' slang??? Jeez!

      Niche is an amazing restaurant and I think you would be pleased with it. Gerard Craft was named one of F&W Best New Chef's of 2008 and was on the short list for a James Beard Award.

      I second An American Place. Also consider Pomme in Clayton, Erato On Main in Edwardsville, IL (just across the river) and Sidney Street Cafe (down the block from Niche).

      Mosaic is not's just moved to a bigger spot on Wash Ave. They have good small plates...a nice happy hour spot. Busch's Grove is closing May 24th so you might want to pop in soon.

      Coming from NYC huh.....We aren't as flush with great spots as you are...but we are trying. I hope you enjoy your stay.

    2. Besides Niche, some other fairly new and trendy restaurants around the downtown area are An American Place and Mosaic. To the south, Iron Barley is informal, good, and was recently featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and would be a convenient pairing to a mandatory trip to Ted Drewe's. In Clayton a beautiful new restaurant called Araka opened in the past half-year or so, and in Ladue the classic Busch's Grove has undergone an extensive and expensive renovation and rebirth.

      1. Just west of St. Louis is a small town of Saint Albans. Try Malmaison for a unique French Countryside type of place. Good menu too.
        Strongly recommend Sydney Street Cafe in South St. Louis.

        1. There are a couple of new pizza places in the suburbs. Pi in the Loop as well as Katie's on Clayton. Both are supposed to be pretty good.

          1. Buffalo Drool, served at the brand new Buffalo Brewing Company, sounds pretty hip to me. The Buffalo Brewing Company is on Olive, just east of Compton.

            Pickle Soup, served at the (also) brand new The Fountain, also sounds hip to me. The Fountain, whose owner painted the art deco murals, is at 3037 Locust Street.

            The Fountain and the Buffalo Brewing Company are quite near each other. If you like motorcycles, the Moto Museum (also brand new) is nearby.