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Apr 22, 2008 07:03 PM

Living in NYU dorms this summer need recs

My daughter will be living in the NYU dorms this summer adjacent to washington square park and I would love to give her a list of fun - AFFORDABLE - trendy - restaurants with good food - she likes all cuisines! Lunch and dinner recs would be appreciated!

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    1. What's affordable to you? There are a TON of reasonable restaurants in the W Vill. Some of my favs:
      Sit down meals: Lupa, Otto, Jane, Cornelia St. Cafe, Snack Taverna, August, Westville, Little Owl, Market Table, Po, Crispo, Cafe de Bruxelles, Tavern on Jane, Corner Bistro, Aki, Kirara, Spotted Pig, Little Havana, Piccolo Angolo, Petite Abeille, 'ino, Arturo's
      Treats: Amy's Bread, Rocco, Bird Bath, Cones, L'Arte Del Gelato, Dessert Truck, Insomnia Cookies, Australian Homemade, Milk & Cookies, Peanut Butter & Co., Blue Ribbon Bakery Market, Cafe Reggio, Patisserie Claude, Kee's
      Brunch: Cornelia St. Cafe, Jane, Deborah, Extra Virgin, August, Westville, good, Morandi, La Bonbonniere, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Petite Abeille, Cafe Condesa, Tartine
      Honestly, you're a stones throw from some of the best food in the city, so definitely explore. And, it's easy to get around the city, so explore the Manhattan board and the other recs.

      1. As a graduating NYU student, I've spent the past four years scrounging for good food in the Village. Some places that I can suggest are:

        Dosa Cart (might be MIA due to construction)
        Kati Roll Factory
        B&B Sandwich Bar/Tonnie's Mini's
        1849 (20 cent wings)
        Indian Bread Co.
        Bleeker St. Pizza
        Pio Maya
        Zen Sushi
        Rai Rai Ken
        Calexico Food Cart
        Chicken & Rice Cart in front of H&M in SoHo
        Sammy's Halal Cart on Broadway and 4th
        Bleeker St. Pizza
        Grey's Papaya (once will do)
        Food Cart in front of Gould Plaza
        Pinkberry/Red Mango/Yolato
        B&B Sandwich Bar/Tonnie's Mini's

        It's a shame the park is being renovated. Hopefully they'll finish before she leaves.

        1. Which dorm is she in? They're in several different neighborhoods, so that would make a difference as to what people recommend.

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            Godard Dorm right across from Washington square park

          2. DoJo on W. 4th--cheap, healthy, yummy, serves breakfast till 5!
            Bar Pitti on 6th Ave bw Bleeker and Houston is amazing Italian