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Catering for private party in Venice Beach

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My fiance and I are looking to cater a post-elopement cocktail party for some friends and family. We've found a great loft space in Venice to throw the party, and are now in search of good food. We think we want tray-pass service because we don't want the buffet-line pile up to happen. We've not organized a catered cocktail party like this before, so we are in need of good suggestions, and any that won't break the bank are definitely welcome. We are looking at hosting between 175-200.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Joe's would be my pick.

    1. i had citykitchen do a party and the servers / service was really great! the food was very good (not amazing - but that's something i think you have to pay for). but it was solid and there were NO complaints and everything tasted great (the salads were especially good - but those were not passed). we paid about $25 per person for maybe 6 to 8 heavy apps and a few salads and dips/bread/pita chips and (I think) $25/hour + tip for waitstaff/chef/bartender.


      the service was insane. they came early, set everything up, served perfectly (in terms of timing/intrusiveness/etc.), stayed late, and cleaned everything up afterwards. it was really amazing. i did not have to do anything (other than attempt to check in to see if everything was ok - which it was). it was really wonderful.

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        That sounds great. Thanks for the tip, I will definitely look into them.

      2. I use a couple of great caterers that understand the concept of tray pass. Food from both is amazing and creative. The owners are also very hands on.

        L.A. spcice catering 310 670 5697 Leeann
        Serves you right catering 310 837 3633, 310 901 1496 Michelle

        1. If I'm not to late to chime in - Joe Miller of Joe's. He has a tapas place, but I can't think of the name. We recently attended a private party in a loft in Venice which Joe Miller had catered from the Tapas place. I would call Joe's on Abbot Kinney and see if they know whom you contact about catering.

          There were lots of trays being passed and then there were some areas where a few dishes were put out, on a table that you could walk all the way around, and you could help yourself with plates and napkins. Most folks stood but there was some seating here and there (upstairs only). There were many different foods to choose from, too. Two bars were set up. One downstairs and one upstairs. I am pretty sure that the food caterer did not do the bars. The bartenders had red and white wine, and then blenders for making margaritas. There was small bottles of water also. Because of the occasion, you may want champagne. There was a bit of pile-up at one of the bars. For your size group, and because it's a loft, consider a third bar, or someone who walks around refilling glasses.

          I would consider a cake and coffee for later in the evening?

          Finally, congratulations on your future elopement!!

          1. I used Joans on Third recently & had a lovely event & yummy food.