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Apr 22, 2008 06:32 PM

How is Patrias in PC under new ownership?

How is Patrias in Port Chester under the new ownership? Has anybody been there in the last few months who can report in on the quality and the service?


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  1. We just went there last night when Q was closed for renovations. Since people were actually working inside Q, I take that to mean that it was in fact being renovated, and was not out of business. That aside, this was our first visit to Patrias. It was pretty good. Not great. For the starters, we had the guac w plaintain like cakes. That was very good. Also a cerviche, which was good as well. Neither was amazing or fantastic, just tasty. The portions were enormous. each app could have served four people without any problem. the mains were consistent. I had the carne paella. Not nearly the best, but a dependable style dish. The carne asada was flavorful. Our total bill was around 100 for dinner, two glasses of wine and a mango juice. given that it should have served four people (we had a lot to take home), it's a pretty decend value.

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    1. Had a very different experience than gordoma during my visit a few months ago. Won't be going back. I posted about it somewhere here in detail but can't find the post. Two glasses of wine, gambas al ajillo (okay not great), cheese plate - three exceedingly small pieces of cheese, charcuterie - again, meager amounts and nothing great, croquetas - supposedly house made and just okay - not all that much better than Goya from the freezer section in the supermarket and an order of fried calamari which was really awful and again meager. When a restaurant cheaps out on the quantity of such an inexpensive item as fried calamari it ticks me. It was most definitely frozen too. We wouldn't normally order that in a tapas place but my husband was in the mood for it.
      The only item that was better than it was before the ownership/chef change was the bread. It was very good.

      The bill came to $80. Imo too much for too little in terms of quality and quantity. We only had tapas - no entrees - so perhaps the portions are more generous on those.

      If you really want good tapas including some of the best serrano ham I've ever had - head to EspaƱa in Larchmont. Mariano - formerly of Patrias - is the chef there and the food is wonderful. I've read good things here about Peniche in WP as well.

      1. This morning a follow gym rat, who is also a foodie, suggested this restaurant to me.
        He says that he has been there several time (lastest just last night) and said that it was very good all around.
        Appeitizers/small plates big enough to shair and make a meal out of.
        He made a point of saying just how good the Calamari Frito was.
        Reported entrees and general pricing very good as well.
        He say that he did not enjoy or think much of a paella dish but that may have been due to his personal taste as rest of his party enjoyed it very much.
        And that is very true anywhere and with ever one.
        It is now on the top of my check out list.

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          Jon, have you checked out Patria's, if so, what did you think? We are thinking of trying it this weekend.

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            Sorry, for many reasons, to report that we just have not gotten over there yet. Not for lack of interest in part due to what my follow gym rat told me and in part to what I saw when I dropped by to just check it out back in April.

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              Finally tried Patria's last night. Throughout our dinner, we were the only customers there! We shared 3 tapas--grilled sardines, which were ok; octopus, which was tasty but of very chewy consistency; and marinated white anchovies on plantain which were outstanding. We also shared a carne paella (we took home much of it, having been full from the generously portioned tapas), which was ok, not great, and overpriced imo. Also overpriced was the pitcher of sangria, which was mostly ice, at $30. Service was very pleasant. At $100 for 3 tapas, one main, and a pitcher of sangria, we thought it was overpriced, and the anchovy appetizer was the only item we would love to have again...perhaps that is why the joint was empty on a Sat nite.

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                How sad, I remember 2 years when I went, there was wait to get a table it was packed, and the food was great! I passed by last Saturday night and the staff was watching TV with no one in the place. What happened in two years?