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Apr 22, 2008 05:46 PM

Decent dinner for 20 euro per person in Paris ?

Any recommended restaurant, Bistro ( Class Parisian) in Paris for dinner ??? i will have some decent dinner in Paris for my other nights during my visit but i also wanted to cut down my budget for 1 casual night with a really really great, nice n cheap restaurant for my dinner. mayb 25 euro included wine. Left bank or nearby eiffel tower will be a great place for me :)

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  1. La Cave de l'Os à Moelle, Le Pré-Verre. For lunch, truffle pasta and passion fruit tart at BE. Le Baratin, in the 20th.

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      In the 7th, you may want to look into Le Café Constant. It will be within your budget, if you choose TWO courses only and a glass of wine.

      Same goes for Pasco, on Blvd. Latour-Maubourg, 7th, now open 7/7.

      and Le Maupertu, on Blvd. Latour-Maubourg as well.

      To save money, get the first and second course and buy some pastries at one of the wonderful boulangeries like Millet on 103, Rue Saint-Dominique, 7th. Some of the best lemon tarts and mille-feuilles, IMO.

      Le Lucernaire Forum, 53, Rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs, 6th, is another place, sort of a cultural center with movie theaters, theater, library, etc. Very laid back, not expensive and decent. No tourists, in general. Younger crowd. Three course meal incl. a glass of wine or a soda and complimentary coffee €19.

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        There is a place on the corner of Rue Cler and rue Champ de Mars in the 7e near the eiffel tower called Cafe du Marche. By no means a temple of gastronomy but you said decent. Its definitely decent and cheap. You can surely get ouf of there for under 20 with dinner and house wine. I've eaten there a couple of times and have no problem going back.

        But for a really romantic option why not assemble a pic nic at the many shops around rue Cler/rue Grenelle and pic nic on the champ de mars with the lights of the eiffel tower flickering above you.

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          Thanks you guys for all the suggestion. i think i will spent my dinner at La Cave de l'Os à Moelle (shuld be a great dining experience) tat souphie mention, and the other night at Cafe du Marche ( great location). And also a lunch at La Table de Robuchon. Btw, i will be staying at Montmartre. somewhere nearby Pigalle metro. Any suggestion for a nice breakfast ( Pastries, Tart or anything nice) and also late night supper around that area ???

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            Late night supper is expensive and not good, but you will find plenty of it in the area, e.g. Wepler place Clichy. Go down the rue des Martyrs for breakfast material: Delmontel (bakery), Seurre (pastry), rose bakery (organic brunch). Plenty of good ffod rue Lepic too.

            Btw, I should have mentioned Chartier, rue du faubourg Montmartre, a former "bouillon ouvrier", where you can have full meals, decent and typical, in your budget and in a historical setting. I love Chartier.

            And your choices sound exciting.

            1. re: souphie

              THANKS souphie!!! i had wrote down all the places tat u mention in my notes. it will be so helpful. Yea i had discover chartier at the very 1st place and was in the top of my list. but theres a lot of bad comment bout the food there. btw... i had make up my mind to choose chartier rather then Cafe du Marche now. wut u think ???? Chartier or Cafe du Marche ??? and one more silly question.the menu in Chartier is quite BIG.... i mean lot of choices... any recommended food from you ( i prefer beef, duck and SEAFOOD ). thanks again:)

              1. re: yuwey

                Seafood is a lot to ask from Chartier. It is not a bistronomique. I would focus on oeufs mayonnaise and some beef with fries. It's not a gastronomic experience, but it is an experience. Café du marché is cool but bistrots are kind of all the same.

            2. re: yuwey

              Get the hell out of the area around Pigalle in terms of eating, drinking etc., it's mostly a horrible tourist trap. Either wander down into the 9th - it gets nice again quickly - or up towards Abbesses. But that area right along Boulevard Rochechouart is really nasty.

      2. Just got back from Paris yesterday and can recommend a sweet little place in the 6th--Le Boussole, 12 rue Guisarde. You can get a 2 or 3 course dinner (not sure if they do lunch) for something like 22 or 27 euro. Wine is extra, but they do have 1/2 bottles. A bit cheaper, but imo less good, Restaurant des Beaux Arts, 80 rue Mazarine.

        1. Did you ever make it to La Cave de L'Os a Moelle? We return to Paris in October and it is one of our favorite places. I heard it may have closed...

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            i just phone them up 2 days ago and book a table for 2 weeks later and they had reserved the table for me without any problem.

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              Thank you so much! That is one of the things I am really looking forward to for our trip in October.

          2. Cafe du Marche used to be an excellent bargain. It's still okay but the food there has fallen off lately.

            Chez Jenny on Place de la Republique serves a huge Alsatian choucroute platter of sausages and smoked meats for 23 euro (sans wine).

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              Hmm! I ate there in May and found the food to be the same as it was 4 years ago. I was ecstatic that they hadnt changed the menu. That street has gotten so trendy with all the fancy new cafes, I feared they might have changed things to try to keep up. But it was the same dear old cafe. We hadnt planned on going there initally but we really needed something low key and non gourmet. It hit the spot.....the food and the house wine. We had a carafe each of the white, rose, and red. It was easily the cheapest meal of the trip.

            2. We spotted this lovely restaurant for about 15 euros per main dish while strolling near the Ecole Militair (near the eiffel tower). A bit modern for my taste but nice food and more than decent service. It is called the comptoir du 7.