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Apr 22, 2008 05:15 PM


I have been craving "East-coast style" lobster cantonese, with the white "eggy" sauce and ground pork. I live in Purgatory (i.e. San Bernardino) but would be willing to drive to the Los Angeles area to satisfy the cravings.

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  1. Know your pain.
    On the menu its usually called "lobster sauce" . Cantonese restaurants I see it on the menu served as shrimp w/ lobster sauce. But if a Chinese restaurant has lobster you can ask for it with lobster sauce. Place that comes closest (no lobster-but shrimp) is Paul's Kitchen in downtown LA.

    On the other hand its an easy Chinese dish to make-I can make it better than any Chinese restaurant.
    Brown 1 lb. ground pork with couple tablespoons (to taste) of black bean garlic sauce. Add your shrimp, lobster or crab and cook for just a few minutes and then add a slurry of cornstarch and water. Mix in a couple raw eggs and voila !!!!

    1. That's an old-school Cantonese-American dish. As monku stated, it's usually called "lobster sauce." I don't know of any restaurant that still serves it, although you probably have a better chance of finding it in San Bernardino than in the San Gabriel Valley.

      1. That's old school Cantonese style like everyone says and very few if any restaurants serve it that way anymore. Places like the old Ting Sing in Gardena which recently closed down had it. Don't know if Far East in Little Tokyo still does it that way since they reopened? Used to be called Lobster Cantonese on their menu.

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          Most Cantonese restaurants have it. It's used to be called Shrimp with Lobster Sauce. But it's illegal to called it that now because there's no lobster in the lobster sauce. It's a pretty recent law, because I kid the owner's daughter of Sam Woo about what they call the dish now. I don't remember what they call it now, but I'll look on the menu next time I'm at Sam Woo.

          1. re: Galen

            I doubt its "illegal" to call it lobster sauce around here....I see it on the menu at many places (one of my daughter's favs).

            Ask for "lobster sauce" and any Chinese restaurant will know what you're talking about.

            (places where its specifically called "shrimp w/lobster sauce")
            Sam Woo BBQ Chinatown
            Hop Li Seafood
            Sam Woo Monterey Park
            Paul Kitchen downtown
            Empress Pavillion
            Full House Seafood
            CBS Seafood
            Ocean Seafood
            Yang Chow
            Plum Tree Inn
            ABC Seafood

        2. I believe Hop Li (on Pico Blvd. and on Santa Monica Blvd.) in West L.A. also has it on the menu.

          1. How about Sam Woo in Hacienda Heights? They can do home style Cantonese, and I am sure if you want lobster in lobster sauce they can make it. And it's closer to San Berdoo than slepping all the way to Monterey Park.

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            1. re: PeterL

              Sam Woos is not more.....Only the BBQ place remains. BUT Hong Kong Seafood Palace can make it. They are on Colima and Nogales.

              1. re: jkao1817

                Living on the East Coast, I can't comment on where you can get it on the West Coast. What I do know now is that even on the East Coast, the "lobster sauce" can vary significantly. Went to a Chinese restaurant in Brookline, Ma., where I was happy to see it available without the shell, and the sauce was totally different than the lighter colored can see the egg sauce available here outside Philadelphia. It was a sauce more like the ground pork black bean sauce described above. Good but not what I was craving. Outside Philadelphia it is usually available at a place called Chun Hing, but there the shell is included. A fellow Chowhounder recommended it to me.