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Apr 22, 2008 05:03 PM

Popsicle Brand Famous Face Bars in Manhattan?

I was wondering if anyone could help me find this old favorite of mine in Manhattan that I used to get on Ice Cream Trucks when I was little.... The Popsicle Brand Ice Cream Company makes "Famous Face Bars" which are basically faces of cartoon characters made from ice cream on a stick with Bubble Gum eyes and/or noses. The problem is, they are only sold individually, so when I searched on the web site's Product Locator, the only response I was given was that the bars were available at various deli's, ice cream trucks, and gas stations. I'm hoping that someone here might know of a specific deli in Manhattan that carries the bars? I'm not picky on the character face, I'm just looking for one of the bars. I would be forever grateful to any and all help! Many thanks in advance! The following is a link to an example of a Spider Man Famous Face Pop looks like:

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  1. Most ice cream trucks will carry these kind of pops. Oh, how I'd like to try one of those "Snoopy" pops!