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Apr 22, 2008 04:54 PM

Golden Nugget Hotel Restaurants

Are any of them good? Will be staying there, shortly, for 3 nights. Eating at Emeril's Fish House, one night and Delmonico on the other night. No plans yet for the third night, but we're thinking of staying at the hotel rather than going out. . This is a business trip and the other choices are in stone.

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  1. They have a good noodle house at the breakfast for under $5 is at Binion's for the huge ham steak, eggs, hash browns and's across the street and downstairs.
    Also, Hugo's Cellar at the 4 Queens is wonderful and so old school..
    I have had great meals at Delmonico's at the V..Bouchon for breakfast is excellent too..
    Try and get over to the Wynn for if anything a drink and watch the water is a stunning hotel!

    1. I have to agree about the Noodle House. Some of the best chineese food I have had in town. -- and I liked that I could order Dim Sum at 9:00 pm at night as well. Also I loved their Hot and Sour soup...not so hot for those who like their tongues burnt off but the taste was great. There service was a little wierd but I really enjoyed it--- low key and casual.

      1. We had a good experience at the steakhouse and the Italian restaraunt at the GN when there last year. The Italian joint in particular had a varied menu and an OK (not great) wine list. Surprisingly easy to get into as well. Since you're already having steak one night it would be worth a try.

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          Thanks to everyone. The meals at Emeril's Fish House and Delmonico were outstanding. Service was excellent, especially at Delmonico. Had a very good lunch at the Italian restaurant in the hotel. Ate one dinner at the hotel at Lillie's Noodle House. Awful food. Not one person in our party enjoyed his/her meal. I do believe that was the worst Asian food I've ever had. The ginger creme brulee dessert was good and the service was excellent, but the food was not enjoyable.

          1. re: calliope

            Sorry to hear about the noodle house at the Golden Nugget..had dinner there several years ago and both my DH and I enjoyed our was filled with mostly Asian's..always a good sign.
            Glad you had a good time at both of Emeril's places..

            1. re: Beach Chick

              I had a good meal at an Asian restaurant there about 8 years ago as well. I have a feeling this one could have been fairly new. It certainly wasn't up to the standards I recalled.

        2. Wow sorry-- since I made the recommendation. Everyone in party really liked it the last time we went and 3 of them are pretty much foodies.